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The painful experience I’m referring to here is my tooth removal experience. I needed to establish this before you feel its another ‘not so good’ news you are about to read. Chill ehn, I figured you might need to take a break and laugh, hence this blog post.

May I begin by saying it again that all of you that told me tooth removal is not painful, my God will judge. Lol… you could have just let me prepare for the pain. I mean, I would not have embarrassed myself in front of those cute doctors by crying.

I saw a fine dentist

Quick one before the tooth removal gangan. When we got to the dental clinic, I was so confident as I walked in. Who knew I was going to cry out of that place, well not me. As we got in(I went with my younger sister that lied to me the process was not painful), I saw some people sitting at the reception and I was trying to match the look on their faces with the idea in my head. I should have even known at this point that something was up. But guess what distracted me, a fine dentist, lmao.

I was on my way back to the reception after I had made payment when I saw this cute dentist. Trust me, he was not cute for long because of his attitude. But then when I first saw him, you know the way ladies walk and talk when they see people they like, that was it for me. The guy too was now strutting confidently with his nerdy but flirty look. Oh my God, Ope come back home.

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Instead of me to focus on the painful experience I was about to have, I was thinking about a man. Smh

You know I said he was not cute for long right? This was what happened

I was about to enter the tooth removal room when this guy was like, where is your face mask. In my head I was like, am I supposed to cover my mouth while my tooth is been removed. I sa gave him one look and he went further to say, it’s for your safety. Excuse me, bro, I know. NCDC has told me countless times so thank you.

He immediately went from 100 to like 40 in my face and I prayed he won’t be the one to remove my tooth. I was already planning on how to bite his thumb off if he was the one. Lol, I’m not wicked.

My prayers got answered as another dentist called me to lay on this long seat. I laid there thinking about my life until he said, open your mouth. Guess the first thought that crossed my mind, God don’t let my breath stink o. As per fine girl shii. See that I was not serious, lmao.

I paid #8000 for a painful experience

I opened my mouth, he checked and confirmed I would need to remove that tooth because it had broken and was beginning to decay. Okay, how much? He said #8000. What? You mean I’ll pay 8k to have you remove my tooth. E b things o. Since I had no option (that tooth was already a pain in my ass), I went back to make payment for something I didn’t know was a painful experience.

So one guy had removed his tooth before me and he told me it was not painful, though it looked like he was just trying to be a man. I was next and the before before cute dentist was there staring at me. I’m like Mr man close your eyes (i definitely didn’t say this out loud), my face literally said that.

Now to the tooth removal story…

The types of equipment this man picked alone were scary but I tried to keep my cool. If only I knew. So he goes again, please open your mouth and at this point, my breath was no longer my business. I opened my mouth and he went in with this equipment that looked like a long nail with a flat mouth instead. Then he started trying to lift the tooth. That was the beginning o.

People of God, I didn’t know where this loud sound came from. My head started banging, my mouth felt numb due to the injection he had given me earlier but I could still feel the pain. Since it was my molar, it was really difficult to lift. I kept on screaming till he could lift the tooth. I still don’t know how I didn’t bite his thumb off.  Next was this thing that looked like a plier. This guy literally pulled out that tooth and I sure were in another realm when he did that. If I could run away at that point, I would have. It was really painful but thank God it was over.

Mind your business nurse

So if only this nurse knew, she would not have spoken. She said, ahh sister, you were now crying, it’s not that painful now. If I could hit her, maybe I would have. How dare you trivialize my pain. I was still pissed at those that lied that this was not going to be a painful experience and then this? okay o.

In conclusion, they did the necessary post tooth removal treatment and I was set to leave when this nurse called me. I thought she only wanted to prescribe drugs until she said so you are 25. I was thinking about her plan when she said you look 19. Wtf! I’m still processing pain and this is all you can say. I sa said okay.

Just at the reception door while still crying, I warned myself not to take junks that can decay my tooth but then, I can’t say I’ve been faithful.

Moral lesson

Well, this is my tooth removal story and the moral lesson is never to believe if they tell you tooth removal is not a painful experience. Don’t pay attention to the nurses and doctors, they’ll find a way to annoy you. Lol

I’ll appreciate it if you still tell me sorry after you have laughed at me though. lol… That said, do you have a similar experience? Share with me in the comment section. Don’t forget to scroll down to the love icon and double tap to like this post. That’s if you enjoyed reading by the way. Also share it with your friends. Connect with me on all social media platforms too by clicking on the social media logos at the top right corner.

Let’s not forget to say no to rape, no to racism, and no to unjust killings. I hope justice is served.

With love,

Opeyemi Omidiji

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21 Responses

  1. Mad ooo!!!! My own experience was worse.
    The man before me removed 7, imagine our scared I was. The man didn’t even say it was not painful 😫

    1. A beautiful Lady removed mine 🤣, there was no way I could say it was painful, I was even talking about cats, and the tooth wasn’t paining me initially, I just felt like removing it ni🤷‍♂️.

  2. LMAO, cnt stop laughing anytime I remember the way you were speaking on phone that day, Lol…. Sorry dear.

  3. Sorry oooooo 😂😂😂 God knows I don’t want to go through this pain ehn 🙏 let me just say bye bye to junks 😂 (I wish)

    1. I still laugh at myself each time I remember my own experience. It was one hell of a day during the fasting period back in 2009.
      Those instruments they use in d clinic actually scared me. I was given stringent guidelines on how to manage the broken tooth before the I ended up going astray on it. Lol.

  4. Well,I can’t talk out of experience, cuz I’ve never experienced it, but my cousin that did said it wasn’t a funny experience, and during that period he couldn’t even talk nor eat well. Mine is just monthly tooth ache like menstrual pain🤣🤣. Don’t pray it will get to the stage where I’ll have no choice than to remove.

  5. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.. I have never had an experience like this and after reading this, I hope it never happens. Sorry sha😂🙊

  6. Lmao..This is not funny but I don’t know why I’m laughing.. I pray I never get to the stage of removing my tooth o.God knows I would have bitten the doctor or punched him sef..Sorry sis.I remembered your facial expression that day too.

  7. You made me remember my experience sha. Have been to the dental clinic twice for removal. The first one didn’t hurt that much the tooth broke so I had to remove it, the second one was painful sis I left school without informing anybody the pain was unbearable, twas like the tooth had fallen and I was chewing it. I was not afraid buh when I was given the injection twas like the pain got worst, I cried the second time, eyes on me. Felt relieved after everything

  8. Such an amazing read. I think those who said tooth removal is not painful did not to scare/discourage you. My experience at the dental clinic was not for tooth removal, but for cleaning and filling. They administered a numbing medication via injection in my mouth before the procedure. Though I still felt some pain during the procedure, I feel it was less painful. Afterwards, I remember I could not talk well neither could I eat due to numbing after-effect. It was a sorry case and at the same time funny. Like you stated, I had not also being faithful to avoiding sugary things..lol

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