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I’ve gotten the question couple of times asking if I ever experience a creative block. Yes, I do, and it’s not always funny at all. Imagine trying to write but nothing is flowing. Worse still, you are actually writing but its just nonsense. I hate creative blocks. Wondering why I’m ranting to you?


So as I type this, I had already tried to write the original blogpost for today for over 6 hours. I had writing gigs which I had written but when it got to my own work, I blacked out. Imagine writing and deleting for like two hours. I became frustrated. Since I already had a topic, I started researching and researching but to no avail. People of God, I wanted to cry. This is the first time my creative block will be this bad.

At first, I thought it was because I didn’t sleep well so I slept only to wake up to my hustle again. This time I was even blank. There was no sense of humor at all in what I typed. You know when you read your work and by yourself, you know what you have written is far from good. I didn’t need anybody to tell me.

After so many deleting, I decided to go out. In my mind, I felt it was because I had not stepped out of my door in 3 days. Don’t ask why I didn’t step out, lol. I dressed up, went out, and visited some friends. We talked, ate, and laughed. I thought I had solved my mystery but the mystery was looking at me like, you don’t know about it.

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4 hours later

I got back home feeling happy, picked my laptop to type, you can already guess how it ended. You won’t believe I kept on writing and deleting till like 12 am till I decided to call a friend to rant. I was fed up. I mean, I had gotten messages about how people are expecting a blog post today but I’m here typing nonsense. Or are my village people behind this? I double-checked with myself and I could not figure out what was wrong. There was no boy drama, I was not dead broke so what could it be.

Long story short, it was a promise of #5000 that made me type this thing you are reading now. Lmao… I’ve had a creative block over time but this still remains the worst. I’m still trying to figure out what’s wrong with me but first, I needed to let you know my state of mind.

Help me!

I’m sorry this was not what you expected to read but what’s the point of not being truthful with you. I just really hope you understand. That said, please help me. Have you ever had a creative block? How did you handle it? a sister really needs your advice. Please drop your advice for me in the comment section.

It’s okay if you don’t totally love this blog post because it’s not well put together but then you could still scroll down to double-tap the love icon.

With love,

Opeyemi Omidiji

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8 Responses

  1. Legend!!! Your creative block is enviable oh… God, you can see what you’re doing in Opeyemi’s life. Visit me please. Girl, this is a whole blog.
    Don’t worry baby girl. It happens to everybody. And it’s okay to take your time. And sometimes, going out works, cos you can get to experience something spectacular you want to share. Good job legend…😍

  2. I guess maybe you are worried something you are writing won’t pass a message to people so you kept on deleting thinking what are righting is not good enough.
    But you just wrote something today by passing a message.
    My advice is write ur mind, because they are ideas. Be yourself ND pray for the holyspirit to help you because he is the true friend you have

  3. I think there’s something in the air this period. I personally and a lot of my writer friends are experiencing the exact same thing. I guess it’s important to keep a clear mind and pray about it. The creativity channel is bound to open up soon.

  4. I can relate but not as a contents writer though, I get blockers too sometimes while writing codes. I just take a break and do things that lifts my spirit. Like music, dancing, cooking and eating my favourites meals.

  5. Creative block is actually normal. But, it is a great time to focus one’s energy on another aspect of the art. A few months ago, I was also stuck but I allowed it to flow, so I used the period to read books, blogs and learn a lot about writing. Pheeewww! My creative juice came back flowing, after several weeks. Just take a break, chill and bounce back!

  6. You actually did the right thing stepping out, maybe there is so much expectation from yourself, and you are trying so hard to create something explicit, be careless about it by writing randomly, don’t think too much, it will flow, then you can edit…

  7. That you wrote this is proof enough that you can whip up something really good and not just readable with words.
    That said, What do I do when I get creative or the famed writer’s block? I read, I read and read until I get ideas, a muse, until my conscience pricks me long enough and I’m steered to writing. This doesn’t work sometimes though.
    Other times, I just leave what I’m writing if the words have refused to dance to the tune in my head, making little to no sense. I leave it for a while (could take hours to days) and come back to it. This works too as well, sometimes.
    And lastly, I speak to people, other writer friends, non-writer friends about it or not about it. I engage my mind with non-literary tasks and that works too.

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