If you want to succeed in life, you need to stop lying to yourself. Yes, I said it and I am typing this with so much passion in me. I mean, I am tired of seeing people console themselves with quotes when what they need is to hear or tell themselves the truth. Every passing day I see quotes like ‘you need to love me for who I am’. My dear, who are you? Do you even truly love yourself for who you are? Well, true that they could love you for who you are but what if who you are is a bad version of you?

You make yourself believe a lie just to make your life seem a little easier, to feel comfortable, and to not hurt your ego. I figured, instead of getting angry, why not address it. At least you won’t say I didn’t do anything for you. You need to learn the harsh reality and stop lying to yourself. That’s the only way to grow. If you keep convincing yourself that the lie is your truth, you’ll only make life more difficult for yourself. At this point, you need to take responsibility for your actions.

If you feel triggered and you are about to close this blog post, then this blog post is for you. You should read it to the end.

It was so comfortable for me to make myself believe some lies because I didn’t even know I was doing it. Maybe you’ve also been lying to yourself and you don’t know, get ready to find out in this blog post.

3 signs you’ve been lying to yourself

If before you read these signs you already accept that you‘ve been lying to yourself, thumbs up. You know why? It takes great courage and a strong sense of self-awareness to be able to reach that conclusion. If you are still not sure, let’s confirm with these signs.

1. You always justify our behavior

If for once in your life you’ve never been wrong, then there’s a problem somewhere. You always have reasons to justify your actions. It is always the other person that has the problem but not you. You’ve built a great wall of defense around you so much that nobody can reach you. You have a gallery filled with quotes and a mind filled with seemingly good reasons to justify your actions.

If this is you, then you’ve been lying to yourself.

2. You don’t listen to other people’s advice

Hello Mrs know it all, no one else has the audacity to advise you because to you, it means they are telling you what to do. You feel everybody is against you so when they try, you attack the innocent ones trying to help you. Sometimes you convince yourself that nobody understands you or what you‘ve gone through so they don’t know about it.

I repeat, if you are seated on this table, you’ve been lying to yourself.

3. Your heart contradicts your mind

To you, you are just being strong when in fact you are a wreck emotionally. You keep trying to convince yourself that everything is fine and you are in control but the truth is you are as confused as anything. Why won’t you just admit it? You are always angry at everything and everyone. You hide your fears and insecurities with the statement ‘I am strong.’

If this sounds like you, then you’ve been deceiving yourself.

How to stop lying to yourself

You could successfully lie to yourself for as long as possible but verily I say to you, you’ll break down and lose it one day. If not checked, it can ruin you. You need to stop. You don’t know how to, keep reading.

1. Face your fears

What exactly are you running away from? Honestly answer this question and resolve to face them. Take your time to search inwardly and when you find answers, act on them. Stop lying to yourself.

2. Stop seeking validation

Are you acting the way you act because you want people to see you in a type of way? That is you subtly seeking validation from outside. Focus on gaining your self-esteem from within. Stop trying to be who you are not and embrace you. It is much healthier that way.

3. Be open to people’s advice

You don’t know it all and sometimes it takes someone else’s honest advice for you to see wrong in the things you are doing. It is okay to listen to other people’s advice and see things from their perspective. However, make sure you sieve these pieces of advice and pick that which you honestly know that you need.

Not everybody hates you, it is you that hates yourself by constantly lying to yourself. Now that you have read this blog post, are you willing to stop lying to yourself? It is not my intention to blame you so don’t also blame yourself. You are just a human being with flaws. What you do from now is what matters.

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With love,

Opeyemi Omidiji

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10 Responses

  1. Nice one Ope👍👍👍👍Anytime am reading your post here, i feel like am having a chat with you personally…..i can hear your tone and feel your presence. GOD BLESS YOU.🙏

  2. Good post Ope. I was about to start giving reasons I do these, but I remembered the part of always trying to justify my actions. I really don’t like been told what to do especially not by people who are never open to try new things out or never sees things in your own perspective. I think this whole thing balls down up personality. Imagine having two cholerics in the same room for a month. I just realized I’m explaining again. I should check myself yeah?

    Good morning Opeyemi.

  3. Wow… This post is directly talking to me with loudspeaker. Thanks for sharing this piece of advice. I feel like saying more but then, it will be a justification for lying to myself. I should really work on it, thanks Ope

  4. You see the aspect of facing fear, na me be that. It’s not funny but it’s funny, I’m gradually working on it, but with time I’ll really be over it, because I feel happy recently doing what I’ve been running away from, thinking they are too big for me to handle. And I see myself paying more attention to important things than the unnecessary. Thanks for sharing love.😘😘

  5. Thumbs up babe, I literally felt like you are beside me and reading this to me… Lol
    I think recently I started listening to other people’s advice and what they think about me, it has really helped me grow a lot and also improved my inter personal relation skill with people.

  6. Nice piece darling! I feel the more we start facing our fears, the more we regain more self esteem and the confidence to do things we never thought we could do! Thanks for sharing dear😍

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