7 Common Self-Development Mistakes We All Make

self-development mistakes

One of the many self-development mistakes we all make is thinking that it is a one-time thing as against seeing it as a journey that never ends. Have you ever wondered why some people keep trying to improve their lives but never make headways? It’s not because they are not trying or not doing what […]

5 Reasons Why Self-Development is Important


Just like you, I used to think self-development is a one-time thing. It seemed as though all we needed to figure out is what we want, where we want to be and how to get there, but sadly that is not all that there is to this. I will tell you this for free, self-development […]

Limiting beliefs: You Don’t Have To Be Behind Bars To Be In Prison

Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs explains why you don’t have to be behind bars to be in prison. If I would describe the feeling I got when I heard the statement ‘you don’t have to be behind bars to be in prison’, I would just shout yeeeessshhhh because it felt like someone had slapped me. The statement got […]

5 Effective Ways To Deal With Disappointment

deal with disappointment

Do you know how to deal with disappointment? Have you ever experienced disappointment? Would it be weird if I said disappointment is a normal thing to experience as long as there are expectations? If there’s one thing that is certain that a person would experience before death no matter how good life is to the […]

1 Important Thing To Do TO Change Your Life

change your life

Do you know that to change your life, you also need to change your environment? This post is inspired by the fact that many people are willing to have a better life. In fairness to them, they try so hard but all their efforts are frustrated. They end up feeling like losers. Nobody deserves to […]

To Be Happy, Let Go Of These 5 Absurd Things

be happy

Everybody looks happy but not everybody is happy genuinely. This is not because they don’t feel like being happy. I mean, everyone wants to be happy but some don’t know that they are deliberately blocking happiness from getting into their lives. They are carrying about burden in their mind and heads so much that they […]

Your Originality is 1 Thing You Should Never Lose


It is painful that we find it very easy to lose our uniqueness and originality in a bid to find acceptance. Often time, we can’t take a stand outside what other people think because we are scared of losing them. Worse still, we go all the way to change what we look like, how we […]

Productivity: 5 Tips On How To Be Productive


Wondering how to increase your level of productivity? I won’t even lie, it has not been easy. I’ve heard people say that blogging is easy because I publish three times a week. So many messages come in from people telling me that I must really have the passion and that’s why I’m really consistent. While […]

7 Proven Ways To Overcome Procrastination

procrastination: how to stop procrastinating

This month, we are on a journey to fully crushing procrastination. Hello there, happy new month. I’m glad you have journeyed with me for three months. Thank you. Please don’t stop. We are taking the bull by the horn and smashing our goals this month, no holding back. Do I have a witness? To make […]

Goal Setting: Definition, Importance And How To

goal setting

The importance of goal setting cannot be overemphasized. I know that I told you that you can do anything so far you set your mind to it but let me also tell you that you might not be able to do much if you don’t set goals. If you ever want to live the life […]

You Can Do It Too: It’s Not For Some People

you can do it too

I know you have believed otherwise for the longest time but let me remind you that you can do it. The time has come for you to drop the narrative that some things are meant for some people. It’s a lie from the pit of hell (well hell sounds too deep but it passes the […]

You Need To Stop Lying To Yourself

stop lying to yourself

If you want to succeed in life, you need to stop lying to yourself. Yes, I said it and I am typing this with so much passion in me. I mean, I am tired of seeing people console themselves with quotes when what they need is to hear or tell themselves the truth. Every passing […]

5 Tips for Personal Growth and Development

Personal Growth

Passionately pursuing your personal growth and development is one action you should never be ashamed of. In fact, this is the one thing that you owe yourself. It is a life long journey you must embrace and enjoy.

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