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I was going to look for a subtle and simple way to tell you about the things I learned from my ‘how to be a sugar baby’ a.k.a blesee lessons but you just judged me so I’m not going to try to please you. There’s no point trying to sugar-coat this story if all you’ll do is smirk at me like you are the holiest of us all. Remember we all agreed to set goals and smash them, right? So I think you should respect me and my goal and read with an open mind. That’s the only way you’ll enjoy the gist.

Here’s how my ‘how to be a sugar baby’ lessons started

You know what they say about goals without actions, right? Rather than leave my resolution to read more books in 2023 in my goal-setting book, I decided to pick myself up this very day (trust me it was difficult) and I went to the bookshop. I was scanning through the shelves when I saw Bontel. She looked so attractive and colorful, ‘this lady is bold,’ I thought to myself and I immediately imagined us becoming friends. If only I knew it was about to be a rollercoaster.

The first lesson I picked from my interaction with Bontel was when I asked her how she is handling the attention that comes with being attractive. Without stuttering and with so much confidence, she said to me, ‘when you’ve been given the gift of above-average good looks, it’s ingratitude not to take full advantage of it, in any way you can.’ That statement right there hit home! I stood in front of her still wowed when she dropped another banger.

She goes on to tell me how she likes to imagine wealth as a smell and why some of her greatest investments are gorgeous perfumes in impossibly shaped bottles. That explains why she smells like a million-dollar baby. I wished I could shout ‘Bontel ma pa mi na’ but she would not understand so I told her she’s so amazing instead. We did a little information sharing and I thought to myself, this is going to be the beginning of an exciting friendship. If only I knew that I was about to learn how to be a sugar baby.

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Stay with me! Even if you are not interested in learning how to be a sugar baby

learn how to be a sugar baby

It seemed as if we had known each other for so long because we could not keep ourselves away. Bontel got so comfortable and she started to tell me about her sugar baby escapades. Yes, I judged her. The same way you judged me when you started reading this story. But I indulged her because I partly wanted more gist and also didn’t want our friendship to end that way. She told me about how she had 3 men with varying financial capacities who funded her lifestyle. You’ll be shocked to find out her uncle is one of the men but she claimed it was a mistake that kept happening.

I honestly know that social media is a way to brand yourself but I didn’t think blessed girls have a particular type of way they brand themselves. Wait, did I tell you the meaning of blesee? Oh my, pardon me. So, a blessee but popularly known as a sugar baby is a person (usually female) who lives a luxurious lifestyle funded by an older, married partner in return for sexual favors. Back to social media, Bontel said social media should be carefully curated to get the results that make you stand out in a crowd. I mean, I could relate to that because of my job.

But tell me why this young lady has a government contract she’s handling. The same way you gasped in bewilderment was the same way I gasped. The same question you want to ask, how? If a woman knows how to work her charms, and she is smart enough to use her brains, then that woman rules the world, that was her reply. I could not help but smile and give it to her. While she’s a blesse, she is also smart.

Bontel could not stop telling me about the numerous trips she went on with her blessers and how she handled having more than one blesser. She even went as far as giving me tips on how to travel well with a borrowed lover. No, I’m not joking and yes, it was a comprehensive list. I would have told you but I don’t want to be the cause of your destruction so you’ll have to meet Bontel if you want to know. And now to the height of it all, this lady is married! Yes, you read that right.

See, Bontel told me a lot of things that I can’t even share here. I love that she was open about it all and I also love that she didn’t stop at the good part. She told me about her childhood and upbringing and the wrong choices she made. She had the time of her life but unfortunately for her, it didn’t end well. So there you go, even though Bontel taught me all she could, the choice was still left to me to make based on her life story.

But here’s something profound that I made out of my interaction with Bontel. We often say people have choices to make but we forget that they can only make a choice from the options given to them. It’s okay if you can’t guess already that this is a book review. I mean, it shows that I write well.

The Blessed Girl

The book, The Blessed Girl by Angela Makholwa got me glued for two days, and saying it was an exciting read is an understatement. You’ll have to read it yourself especially if you want to learn how to be a sugar baby but here are some lessons I picked that I think you might find useful:

1. If you cannot visualize it, it will never be. You have to mentally see yourself owning that thing and sooner than later, you’ll be right at the top where you belong.

2. In this life, you have to fight to get what you want.

3. You may have weaknesses but your enduring strength should lie in your ability to find opportunities and give them your all.

4. Whatever is happening in your life is a manifestation of your own thoughts, so think positively.

5. Life is not happening to you, you are creating it. You have the power!

6. We are not all born equal. Some are given the brains and others are given the street smarts and charisma.

Click here to get this book!

So, tell me, did you enjoy reading this blog post? Would you love more of this? Tell me everything that’s on your mind in the comment section. And yea, Happy New Year my darling. Do you have your goals already? Because this that you just read is one of my goals for the year.

Till I come back again, stay sane.


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  1. You’re indeed an amazing writer. The plot twist is amazing. You’ve got a very good way of telling a story and writing. Keep it up darling. I look forward to reading your books someday.

  2. Book shopping and then met Bontel? First instinct told me it was a book (no way a stranger will ease on into you that fast) but the details got me confused.

    And yeah, I started judging but I love gist so I kept reading.😂

    Okay, you got me! It’s a book. Good review and succinct lessons! 👌🏾

  3. Interesting exposition. I am still piecing all the many parts to make a whole (frankly since I read your article about 2 months ago), yet it is a well scripted teaser to get the book! Thanks.

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