Hello twenty-six, it is a pleasure meeting you!

It is 11:55 pm and I have decided to write this post since sleep is here playing hide and seek with me. So many emotions are running through my mind. I mean, just like that a baby girl is twenty-six. I guess you can only be young forever by heart. You know what’s funny is that I never looked forward to this day as much as I’ve looked forward to my previous birthdays but still, this is the calmest I’ve been about my birthdays in recent times. I really do not know if it’s a good feeling or could it be old age, lol.

I join the multitude to wish myself a happy birthday. It’s been God all the way and I’m really thankful for where I am today. I want to thank God for keeping me alive till today. A lot has happened but God’s grace and mercy kept this baby girl. Might not seem like it to you but God has done so much for me. Let’s not also forget that it’s my blog’s first year anniversary too. There’s a lot to be thankful for really, I don’t know why it took me this long to realize this.

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Hello twenty-six: The joy was few pages away

At the beginning of the month, the devil wanted to steal my joy as usual, lol. I stumbled on a notepad where I wrote things I should have achieved by 25, guess what, I was not close to achieving most of the things I wrote in that notepad. Then the questioning began!

I began to question myself as to why I had not done these things forgetting that I have done so much with the help of God. See that devil ehn, I sat there for hours thinking about my life, comparing my achievements and building puzzles for myself to solve. Few pages away were goals that I had set and achieved but it took me hours to get there. Then peace, joy, and a sense of fulfillment came after I flipped through the page I wrote my wins.

Let me not deceive you or myself, I experienced significant growth in the previous year. My 25th birthday ushered in a lot of opportunities, I experienced a significant shift and my capacity increased greatly. By all means, I’ll like to be humble but I’m not sure I can be that humble person today as I say hello twenty-six. This queen right here did a lot (let’s not forget God’s help please) and she’s proud of herself. I made a decision to change my life and level up, that’s what I’ve been doing all year and it’s working out. I’m thankful for the potentials that were unlocked.

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Hello twenty-six: Lessons learned

One thing that I am glad I did in the previous year is that I gave myself to learning. A lot of career choices and lifestyle changes were a result of the new understandings I got. I won’t trade these lessons for anything but I’m willing to share them with you. I learned these lessons from books, podcasts, movies, classes, and people I was opportune to meet. Here are 3 lessons

1. Life is not fair

I would wish things were handed to me because I thought I deserved them but life didn’t do me the favor. Why do bad things happen to good people? Why do some of us have to work really hard while some get to enjoy on a platter? I have stopped thinking about these things. I have decided to invest my time in doing things that will enable me to claim the life that I desire. Let life continue to be life!

2. With much want comes more work

We want so much but the question is, what are you willing to sacrifice to get what you want? In my case, I have sacrificed my time, my sleep, some enjoyment just to get the things I want. Want to know who is not stopping? Me. I know the place of grace and that is why I didn’t put hard before the work but what is God going to bless again? Drop the rants and start to put in the work, every little effort brings you closer to the days you dream of.

3. People are like investments

Human relation is something I feel should be taught in schools. I have enjoyed the benefit of having a good human relation and trust me when I say it is bliss. How do you treat people? Has it ever crossed your mind that these ones are like your ticket to different places? We need to learn to value the people we have access to. I’m thankful for my friends and I’m thankful that I’m getting better at this thing called friendship. Having the right network of friends is an asset and I hope you see it that way too. Invest in your friends. You don’t necessarily have to have a lot of friends but the few you have, cherish them.hello twenty-six happy birthday

Hello twenty-six: I’m excited for what is to come

Birthdays are to be enjoyed but we often burden ourselves with unnecessary pressure. We feel it’s the time to sit down, think, and re-strategize when truly, we could do these things other days different from our birthdays.

Today, as I say hello twenty-six, I choose to relax and bask in the love I’ll receive. I’ll read what people have to say about me, smile, and sip juice while I hope for a better year. I will dress up and look good for myself, dance, and celebrate my journey to greatness. I’m excited for what twenty-six is birthing because I know that God has just begun with me. I’ll open myself up to receive all the good things life has to offer because this is just the beginning.

Let’s not forget that I love gifts and would love to receive gifts today. You could reach out to me on Instagram if you’ll like to send me anything but first, please subscribe to my youtube channel. Click here

The floor is yours now, hype me up in the comment section. Say words of prayer for me and share your wishes with me.

Cheers to greatness

With love,

Opeyemi Omidiji

7 Responses

  1. Happy birthday sister, I love you so much than you ever imagine, I am grateful to God that I came across someone as phenomenal as you, you radiate everywhere you go and you love with all your heart, I know people will beef you because you are yourself thinking you dey overdo but let them beef, because you are one of God excellent creation and if anyone met with you and doesn’t like you then he/she nah hater, so today I join the host of heaven and earth to wish you a happy, joyous and a memorable birthday 😘😘😘😘, I pray you continue to bask in God’s grace, favour, mercy and you will continue to grow financially, spiritually, mentally, and every area inner area you’ve being praying to God for. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH 💃💃💃

  2. Happy Birthday Boss!
    I’m really excited to celebrate you and yes, those lessons are really apt. Thank you so much, I’ll constantly keep it in mind on my journey.

    Thank you for all you are and more. Thank you for being open and for cheering me on. I really appreciate you. On this day, I pray that your heart desires are met and God is your inheritance.

    Amen. Happy Birthday

  3. Happy Birthday Padi mi😍😍
    I’m happy you’re happy
    You’re one of the happiest persons I know
    Your vibe, your positivity and ginger makes me happy. I’m honestly grateful for how you made me push my business, let me sha not talk too much. I miss us so bad. I’m glad NYSC brought us together. You’re a sweet soul and everyone deserves OPE😍💕 in their lives.

  4. I repeat, Everyone needs an Opeyemi Omidiji in their lives, I’m glad to call you mine baby… Thank you for always helping several of us connecting the dots and most especially feeling grateful for our baby steps and what we have been able to achieve.

    Happy Birthdayyyyyyy Baby, Cheers to many more years. I Love You.

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