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It feels so good to be writing to you for the last time in the year 2020. It’s been a rollercoaster year and I’m sure we all have something to be thankful for amidst all the bad things that happened. It’s by the mercies of God that we are not consumed.

Thank you

Before I wish you a happy new year, I’ll like to say a big thank you to you. Wondering why? Because you made 2020 a fulfilling year for me. Unknowingly to you, you helped me conquer my fears and gave me a sense of responsibility. You helped me see value in myself and also helped me get better at so many things. Thank you for consuming my content and always asking for more. Thank you for the love you send via your comments and replies. These seemingly little things mean a lot to me.

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While it seemed like I was the only one giving with my content, I also received a lot from you. As a way of saying thank you, I put together an ebook sharing with you my 2020 in summary, the lessons I learned, and some unsolicited advice that I know you need to read in preparation for the new year.

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Claim The Life You Desire Doing Small Things – Ebook

I would have written a blog post but it would be too long. I also figured it might not be as personal as I want the content in this book to be if it were a blog post, hence this ebook. This ebook titled Claim The Life You Desire Doing Small Things is dear to me for many reasons. I entered the year 2020 as a clueless, confused graduate who was eager to start living life but I’ll be leaving the year fulfilled. Want to know how? It’s all written in this ebook.

claim the life you desire doing small things

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I’ll beg that you cherish this book as much as I do. Not only that, share with as many people as you can and let them benefit from this too. It’s a 26page ebook which means you can read it on a go. You already know I love feedbacks so, please share your feedback with me. Send them to my email and my social media platforms preferably, Instagram and Twitter.

Cheers to smashing our goals in the year 2021!

Stay sane, Stay Safe

With love,

Opeyemi Omidiji

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  1. Thanks Opeyemi. The E-book is so nice. Thanks for raising the little hope I have in myself. 2021 will be better.

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