Time really does fly because I’m not sure I can explain how it is September already. It makes sense now what I found during one of my wanderings on Instagram. I found a quote that says time is all that we have and don’t have and I think I understand better. I could swear I had enough time to get things done since I was clear on what I wanted to do this year early enough. But here I am, caught between consoling myself with the ‘there’s still time’ mantra and beating myself up because I know I’ve wasted a lot of time doing nothing.

Well, what is up darling? Or better still, how are you doing darling? Are you pumped that the year is ending or are you as clueless as to why you are wishing for more time as I am? Whichever gang you belong, let’s thank God we are still alive my dear, it’s enough accomplishment, right. We stay consoled, lol.

On Motivation, Hello September

As against what you are thinking, actually yes, I am trying to motivate you but not in the way you think. Know this, nobody is superhuman. The most successful person you’ve ever met has at some point lost motivation just like you. Before you feel consoled, the difference between yourself and that person is, asides from the fact that you are not as successful as the person is, he still shows up despite the lack of motivation but you do not.

We are quick to say I’ve tried my best and God sees it. Truth is, success does not come easy as you already know. There are times when you’ll get bored, and tired. Other times, you will fail and lose motivation but it is not a success until you achieve it. The only way you can is if you would persevere a little more.

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I’ll ask you, what do the successful people do that you are not doing? Before you give up, try to do it. I’m not saying it will work out but there’s no harm in trying.

On Mastery, Effort is Needed

It’s not magic when you see people doing the seemingly hard things effortlessly. I don’t know if it is selective ignorance when people choose to forget the hard work that goes into mastering a skill. Quit wishing for their results without wanting to go through the process, it’s lame. If only I could just be as good as this person, shut up, and start putting in the effort because if that person had only wished, you would not have the privilege to also wish.

I’m not even angry, I’m just tired of the excuses. There are so many excuses and quotes that’ll make you feel better about your current situation and it’s sad. Many people are having it worse than you so you feel good that you are better than some people? When the tables turn, you might just be as worse as they are. But one thing you should know is this, whatever you turn out to be is on you. Or maybe not, lol.

It’s not going to be easy but if you can wish for it, then you should work for it.

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On Second chances, Hello September

Personally, I know better than to not cancel people but I also know that not everyone deserves a second chance. Also, you are not obligated to giving people second chances but hear me out. So, at different phases of our lives, we are exposed to different things that change our orientations, shape our thoughts and help us grow. There’s every possibility that we would have met people who knew us in our worst. Now that we’ve grown and we know better, should we be given second chances to prove ourselves worthy?

It’s not so easy to trust or share ourselves with people who have hurt us and I know that. But the first thing to do is forgive. In a case where it’s not the person’s intention to hurt you, why not move past the error and give people chances to right their wrongs and do better. You never can tell; you might just be relieving them of the burden of guilt and giving them a chance at happiness. I’m sure you would want this is if it’s you who is in their shoes.

I know I said earlier that being alive is an accomplishment as it is but really, do not be too relaxed. It is easy to get complacent with the recent happenings in the world but truth is, people are hitting the goals and securing the bag still. My unsolicited opinion is, know when to retreat to take the necessary break, but don’t stop working hard. We deserve a better life and if it won’t be handed to us, we might as well go get it.

Welcome to September, a happy new month to you darling. Cheers to doing better this month.

I would normally say share but I’ll leave you to decide if you want to share this time. One thing you should not leave without doing is dropping a comment. Even if it is ‘thank you Ope.’

Till next time, stay safe.

With love,

Opeyemi Omidiji

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  1. I guess we have these low points in our lives in common. Setting goals and not achieving within the time frame is frustrating, but never forget that achieving is the most important thing irrespective of how long.
    I had a goal from January set to achieve in April, but here I am in September still yet to achieve. But we move!
    Thank you Opeyemi

    1. This is well-written and on point. What stood out to me is putting in the effort. If the person you wish to be like was also wishing, there would be no one to wish on👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽😁. Great piece. I feel motivated already.

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