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Speaking of wrong choices and consequences, contrary to what I had planned for myself, I was caught in the middle and it felt like life was playing snooker with me. The feeling of wanting to show up but needing to disappear badly became a default feeling. The moment it looked like I was beginning to have some stability, something would hit me and I’ll be back just where I was. These past months, I’m talking about June, July has been a sweet yet rocky one for me but ain’t no dwelling on the rocky. We stay focused.

Oh, stop it Ope, you show up fine and curvy every time, I mean, don’t we all do but one thing we forget to do is speak up about these struggles. It’ll so much console me to know I’m not alone, not because I wish anybody bad but because I could draw strength from your process. Life gets tough and interesting at the same time and I’m yet to figure out how that is supposed to be our reality.

Let me put a hold on that and say a proper hello to you. Hey superstar, are you fine or just hanging in there? I see you and I miss you. I feel so light writing this, that should tell you that you are important to my life journey. Happy new month by the way.

Wrong Choices and consequences

I made a lot of wrong choices these past months and I faced the consequences. I mean, it’s true when they say that not all the things you face are a result of fate. Just maybe, you caused it yourself. Well, I know because I’m speaking from experience and yes, all the bad choices you can think of. From money type of bad choice to man type of bad choice, yes you are right.

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Oh, how I love me so much. I smile through it all and come out with so many lessons that get me feeling like the pain was worth it. Dark, right? It’s a good dark if that’s even a thing.

Life gets tough

No, you are not cursed, life just gets tough sometimes. You are working 5 times harder but you have little to show for it just when your friend is barely working but has a lot to show. Tough is what again? I was so happy that my pastor taught about this just when I needed a confirmation that times and seasons are a thing. One minute, everything is all rosy and the next, it feels like a dry season and you are wondering where you missed it.

The moment you understand the dynamics of times and seasons, it does get better. I mean, you are sure that the phase would pass and you would smile again. Not because you are not going to experience drought again, but because through it all, you know that God is with you and that season is just going to pass again.

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People currency, else you are broke

You should pause and thank the good people you have in your life. Has life humbled you so much that your money is useless at some point and you just need someone to come through for you? I bet someone who trekked from Maryland to Ilupeju and was welcomed by a friend with no questions can tell how much of a currency people are.

Your money would not buy friends who would tell you that your choices are wrong but would never tell you ‘I told you so’ when you are back crying after you’ve gotten your heartbroken. Both my old friends, new acquaintances, and people I barely know have come through for me at my low points and this has made me appreciate people more. Do you have people like that in your life? Do people see you as a currency or do you just exist?

how to make the right decision

We move is actually a thing

It’s so comfortable to make excuses, wallow in our pains, hold on to toxic things and find things to attach our predicaments to. It sure makes me feel comfortable, I know it perfectly makes sense to you too. But you need to move. As unserious as that phrase sounds, it is actually powerful.

I’ve been hurt for holding on to things I knew were wise to let go of. I suffered double loss for holding on to things that should go but I guess it’s only easier said than done. Or is it actually easy? The point here is, know when to move away from things and move on. There are things that hold you down and prevent you from breaking through. You know these things but it’s easier to lie to yourself. Remember I said I suffered double loss, you actually don’t’ want to.

This post is a dump of a lot of things actually and I feel light now that I have put it out there. We will begin to learn and motivate ourselves henceforth because this baby girl has learned a lot of things. From work to relationships, to personal growth, money matter, and emotional swings, august is going to be loaded with content. Share this with a friend, show that you are people currency, lol.

I plan to make my way back to YouTube this month but I need ginger. Please subscribe to my channel if you have not, click here. Truthfully, I’ve not been faithful with sending newsletters but when I do, it’s always a banger. Click here to subscribe so you can find out for yourself.

Cheers to a remarkable month.

Stay sane, stay safe.

With love,

Opeyemi Omidiji

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  1. Ginger ooo, Ginger ooooo, this is all the ginger I need to start this month darling… Thank you for this beautiful piece 🤩🥰

    1. It’s now evident that we are all going through one thing or the other at the same time. Like you said, ‘we move’ seem playful but it’s actually powerful, because we have to move las las noni. Stay strong hun and thanks for sharing😊
      Boya you should ginger yourself oo
      Tori pe, o ti scarce bayii😁

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