Hello May, I didn’t think I would have to deal with a lot of emotion this month owing to the fact that my last night in the month of April was with so much excitement. If you have ever thought I have total control of my emotions, here’s a call to wake up because I get served breakfast too. The first day in the month of May left me feeling blank and anxious. Not that I know why but the only way I could escape was to bury myself in work and guess what, I’m very tired.

Let’s not dwell on the excesses of May 1, 2021, rather, let’s reminisce on all the goodies that were delivered to me in the month of April.

Let’s take a pause right here because what you just read is like a throwback. Yes, I started to write this blog post on the 1st of may but here I am, writing this remaining part on the 15th of May. Trust me when I say a lot has happened but I’m not willing to share just yet. I’m tired of how life is sweet and calm this moment, and the next moment, you are angry at the cold stones that life is throwing at you.

Hello May: Life Update

Let it be known that for someone who thinks a lot and gets anxious at every given opportunity, I’ll say I did well in the month of April. I’m telling you this just so you can cooperate. My birth month is one that’s special to me because God always has a way of showing up for me.

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The month of April started with my usual panic attacks, which happen every month of April every year by the way. I would remember that I’m adding another year and I would start to panic at the thought of growing old. This year was not that bad all thanks to people who kept reminding me of how much a wonder that I am. Yes, I’m a wonder, I said that lol.

My birthday came and to my surprise, I was genuinely happy on this day. It didn’t make sense to me that I was that calm and happy but I totally loved that feeling. I decided to bask in the love people showered on me rather than try to prepare for the new year. I read so many things that people wrote about me and I was at peace. I mean, I prayed for grace for influence and relevance, I didn’t know my prayer had been answered until this day. I’m thankful for everyone.

For someone who loves freelancing so much, I’m happy to announce to you that I have transitioned to working 9 to 5. To my own surprise, it’s been nice, yea I know I just started, lol. Asides from the fact that I’m too busy to do my own personal stuff, I think my decision to transition was not wrong. I need to experience what it feels like to work in a structured environment with other creative minds and on real-life projects. I think it is what I need for the next phase of my life.

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Hello May: Lessons from April

Would it sound cliché if I start with my usual disclaimer? Wait you don’t know the usual line yet? Okay, even if you know, I’ll still say it, lol. So you are not disappointed, some lessons do not have to be super serious and that does not make them any less of a lesson. That said, as we say hello May, here are 2 lessons I learned in April.

1. Giving won’t make you poor

As opposed to the fact that if you are not careful, giving can ruin you, I’ll still say this, not giving can also ruin you. I used to have this mentality that I don’t have enough yet so why should I give. What if I give and go broke? It used to be a lot of debate in my head.

Know this, you won’t be poor because you give.

2. It is worth trying again

Whichever way you might want to interpret this, know that that thing that came to your mind when you read this is worth trying again. You might have tried countless times and you keep failing at it, you are even convinced already that some things are not meant for everybody. Relax, breathe in then out, you are not giving up just yet. What’s the worse thing that could happen again?

This time, try another method, and let’s see if this will work. Well, I tried again and it’s looking like it will work out. At least for now, lol.

It’s the middle of the month already and I’m tempted to want to tell you some things but the thought of what would be left for you to read in June is holding me back. Let me leave this with you, I heard this from one of Tayo Aina’s YouTube videos and I’ll like to share it with you.

When you keep looking for the way, the way opens up itself to you which means that when you seek, you shall find. But know this, in your seeking, be authentic, be sincere, be genuine, and much more, want it for the right reasons.

As we say hello May, share the gist from April with me. Yes, I’ll love to hear all of it. Don’t forget to subscribe to my mailing list, it’s a good place to be even though I’ve not been faithful to my family members.

Till next time, stay sane, stay safe.

With love,

Opeyemi Omidiji

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  1. April was everything for me, maybe bcos it was my birthday month as well and yeah May hasn’t been that bad after all.

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