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I decided to share with you the reasons why I started blogging because I’ve been asked this question countless times. It’s officially one month since I started blogging. It’s amazing to know that I have clicked on the publish icon 20 times. Wondering what kept me motivated to have written 20 blog posts in a month? While some people guessed that it’s because of money, some have actually guessed so many other reasons. To clear the air, I’ll share with you the reasons why I started blogging.

Reasons why I started blogging

For the longest time, I have admired bloggers and YouTubers. I would lowkey wish I could also own a blog and a youtube channel. I loved the fact that I could read their blog posts and feel like I have a friend in them. They usually addressed things I always wanted to talk about. So I started because of the following reasons:

1. Blogging is a creative outlet for me

Blogging helps me to unleash my creative side without holding back. Many times I just sit in my room and hold conversations in my head. You’ll be surprised as to how interesting these conversations are. I would want to talk to somebody about these things badly. Maybe laugh or argue because of different opinions, I just wanted to talk to somebody. Blogging has helped me achieve this. I craved talking to one person but this platform has given me the opportunity to talk to so many people. It’s a direct reflection of my mind, heart, and soul. The very cool part is that it represents me as a unique individual.

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I love that I can express myself the way I wish and whenever I wish.

2. To inspire my audience

I recently found out that I’m passionate about helping people grow. i.m blessed with the ability to relate with the peculiarities of people’s struggles and helping them find basic practical ways to unleash the best version of themselves and maximize their potentials. That’s the exact reason why this blog is first a growth blog, before a lifestyle blog. I love to share tips on how I have become a better me and in turn help my audience.

3. Blogging helps me communicate without barriers

The love I’ve gotten this past month is overwhelming. I had thought nobody would read my blog post but then I was wrong. I love the fact that this blog avails me the opportunity to communicate with so many people irrespective of their gender, age, and location. As long as you have my blog URL, you can read from anywhere.

4. To build a brand

Maybe money can come under this lol. The reason I said build a brand is that before you can say you have built a brand, you must have consistently given value so much that people feel you are worth their money. That’s exactly what I want. I want to be able to consistently give value in a niche which will, in turn, bring money to me. So you see!

You should know this! money should never be a motivation to do a thing. Don’t get it wrong, your talent and skill should be able to bring you money, if and only you give value. SO why not look for value to give your audience and wait till you earn their money. Money as motivation can frustrate you out of that thing.

5. Because I can

I started because I CAN and anybody can too. You have wished and admired enough. if you can relate to these things, then its time for you to start. You can do this, just as I am doing it. Life is too short so start already. Confused on how to? I’m working on an ebook that will answer most of the questions (if not all) every beginner could have. Till then, send in your questions to opeyemi@opeyemiomidiji.com, I’ll be glad to answer them

Lastly, I’ll like to add that make sure that you are doing whatever you do for the right reasons. It won’t be nice if you get caught up with doing something because people are doing them. You won’t stand the test of time! This will be a blog post on its own so stick by to read.

Do you have something going on for you now? Why did you start? Share with me in the comment section.

With love,

Opeyemi Omidiji

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  1. Nice article there. keep working hard.let your passion for the job be your continuous drive.

  2. well sis ur no2 talks to me especially in the aspect of not giving up ..
    scooby loves✌️💯♥️

  3. I can absolutely relate with Numbers 1 & 2 and well, ‘because I can’, that sounds like what one needs to say to one’s self often. Well done, Opeyemi. I’m inspired!

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