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I didn’t think a day would come where I would talk about the most embarrassing moment in my life but here we are. It’s still really fresh in my memory. Ahhh the prayer that ‘God no go shame us’ would have come in handy but they had not started the trend then. On this fateful day, esu gbo mi mu (devil collected water to drink) Lmao.

Let the story begin!

I would have loved to tell you the date but I can’t remember. It’s funny how we’ve had to talk about the time I crossed to another department lately. Yes, my most embarrassing moment also happened at that time. I’m sure my JOVI guys remember well, some of my classmates should do too.

At that time that I crossed, even though the senate had approved it, it took forever to reflect on my portal. As a result, I could not pay my school fees, neither could I register courses. It was a tough time as I had to keep visiting the computer center every day. It was already test period and I had still not paid nor registered my courses, though I had managed to attend some lectures.

So there was a test I had to write that day

I didn’t hear about the test early so I got to the test hall late. On my way to the hall, my slippers cut. If someone had told me that was just the beginning, maybe I would have stopped to pray. I dragged my foot to the test hall since I could not go back to change the slippers.

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On getting to the test venue, they had already called everybody in with the list of those that already registered for the course. Remember I had not registered my courses then so there was no way my name could be on the list. I approached the lecturer and told him I wanted to take the test. The man first looked at me as if I was shit! Okamilara (it pained me). I sha locked up and tried to exude confidence (the confidence I lost the moment my slippers cut, lol). So he asked me, what’s your name? I told him. He looked at his list and my name was not there.

Always resist the urge to explain, it’s also embarrassing

He then asked me, have you registered for this course? I said no and wanted to explain. If only they had told me earlier to resist the urge to shalaye. That was how this man started o. He said it’s because I was unserious that they sent me away from my former department and stuff. At this point, I was already numb. I mean, I was standing in front of a whole class. Nkan se mi!

He didn’t even mind that others were listening, he said so many hurtful words to me. I was still trying to get my self-esteem back and this man just shattered it again, for real?! After so many name callings, he then told me that a circular was released and that if you had not registered at that time, your venue was different. If only I knew, I would not have asked him where the board room (which was my new venue) was. As if he was waiting for me, immediately I asked, this man started again o. He told me that I was wasting my time and other stuff I should not remember.

I wrote the test

With the remaining self-esteem I had, I turned back and dragged my feet (remember that my slippers had cut) to my new venue. I actually cried. I cried because I was so embarrassed, because I felt worthless at that point and because I felt like a failure. Well I know I wrote the test, what I don’t know is if I passed the test, lol

Fast forward to times when I got comfortable in my new department, this man would always look at me and sometimes tell me that I don’t know anything. He would say it’s my clique that was covering up for me. The day he now made a mistake and asked me for my CGPA, I told him with pride. E shock him! Lmao. He didn’t believe that I could do well.

What he didn’t know was that he became a motivation for me. I purposed in my heart to show him who I truly am. An intelligent lady, of course. Till I finished, this man would still separate me and my friends during exams just to test my ability. Every time he did that, I always came out in flying colors. To Jesus be my glory, lol.

I don’t know if I’ll ever forget this day but then, I think about it now and laugh. No hard feelings anymore. Now that you know what my most embarrassing moment is, please share with me your most embarrassing moment in the comment section. Let me know if you can also relate to my story. Feel free to laugh at me too. Don’t be selfish, share with your friends too.

With love,

Opeyemi Omidiji

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15 Responses

  1. I couldn’t help but pity you that day.Funniest part even with all those separation paparazzi he was doing then,it didn’t stop our shine 😂

  2. Most embarrassing 🤔.
    Let me just share this one i got to the examination hall late as if it wasn’t enough. I didn’t know the course title.
    The lecturer passed and made jest of me in front of the class. He said what do i want to write if o didn’t know oedinary course title. I wasn’t really embarrassed tho

  3. Lolzzz, OMG… Really can’t stop laughing while reading this, that day was bloody… Almost everyone in that hall was actually pitying you, like this babe should have just gone to the department straight and not come to exchange words with this lecturer, baba no get joy at all… Lol, I was glad we could laugh about it before the end of that session. Cause you wowed us with your amazing scores.

    1. The embarrassing moment in my life at now was the good four years i spent at home before gaining admission to university but all thanks to God almighty, I’m now a graduate🙏🙏🙏🙏…… Let me give you some of my experience back then, I grew up in a Yorubà family house where i have different cousin and family friends staying in the compound with us….Most of my cousin that we are age mate gain admission before me. During does times, Everyone in the house looked down on me and call me failure because my mate are already in school 😐 My people!!!! Oju mi ri ma bò ( my eye see trouble) especially when my cousins are back from school for holidays😭😭😭 i will cry fire because i felt rejected by the family, Nobody want to hear me speak because all their beliefs was that i have nothing to offer. Don’t let us talk about when there’s family meetings in my house when other family members will come around, Don’t let me talk about my grandma’s good/bad talks to me then …. i was almost going into depression but i thank GOD almighty that the year 2014 put an end to everything…….My people when i gained admission ehn, i was feeling like a SUPERHERO 😁😁😁😁😁

  4. While reading this I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or feel pity. It was both funny and embarrassing but I guess that’s because its not my own story. Lol

  5. This has happened to me, what usually ended up happening was that I was, in some way, punished for the act I did not do.I could not speak for the rest of the day. I’ll never forget this day

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