Since we love to relax things a bit on Fridays, I thought we should play the never have I ever game here. What do you say? Even if you say no, we are playing the game and you will participate. Yes, it is by force o.

So I thought I would come up with something else for today but then I saw a post on Instagram that triggered this post. You see all these things that some people refer to as basic, some of us have never experienced them in our lives. There’s no shame at all in this, it was before that I was not proud to say them but now ehn, no shame o. Maybe my anon will even read this post and help me, lol.

If you did not have teachers that fall into any of the following categories, I’m not sure you went to school o, lmao. I mean, my friend and I talked about this at midnight and we legit were shouting ‘me too’ while laughing hard. Thank God it’s Friday, yaaayyyyyyy. I figured you guys love gist and it’s been a while we relived memories, so why not? Get your popcorn and wine, let’s go down the memory lane. Lol

The painful experience I’m referring to here is my tooth removal experience. I needed to establish this before you feel its another ‘not so good’ news you are about to read. Chill ehn, I figured you might need to take a break and laugh, hence this blog post.

May I begin by saying it again that all of you that told me tooth removal is not painful, my God will judge. Lol… you could have just let me prepare for the pain. I mean, I would not have embarrassed myself in front of those cute doctors by crying.

Am I  a joke to this Ibadan Micra drivers? Just before I asked this question, I had to double-check with myself. This is the story of an innocent girl and a Micra driver, so brace yourself. It was not funny this day o because I was so embarrassed. I mean, after I’ve dressed up so decently and feeling myself, a Micra driver had the guts to insult me. I see it as an insult. E pain me, kai.

Let’s talk about how difficult it is for Nigerian parents to say sorry. We need to chastise whoever wrote that constitution. This lockdown has caused so many things to happen in many homes especially Nigerian families. If everybody could write their experiences, I’m sure most of us have many things in common. It’s okay for us the children to own up and say sorry but it’s never okay for them. Rather they’ll be asking questions like what would you eat, maybe cook for you or even bring back sins from God knows when years ago just to justify their actions.

The need for self-control made me do it. The first time I heard social media fast, it didn’t seem like a thing to me. Just as you might be wondering what this means. I never thought I would have a need for a social media fast. Alas, that day came and I needed to choose between my mental wellness and social media. One thing I noticed was that the need didn’t arise in a day, it was a result of accumulated stress and pressure.

Unknowingly, things that seem normal and basic are taking charge of our lives. A day to day activity, if not checked, can become an addiction. You wouldn’t even know.  Things that are necessary will then begin to suffer because other things are eating up your time.

I decided to share with you the reasons why I started blogging because I’ve been asked this question countless times. It’s officially one month since I started blogging. It’s amazing to know that I have clicked on the publish icon 20 times. Wondering what kept me motivated to have written 20 blog posts in a month? While some people guessed that it’s because of money, some have actually guessed so many other reasons. To clear the air, I’ll share with you the reasons why I started blogging.

Should I say I was stupid when I was in secondary school or should I say I had the best time of my life. Secondary school was so full of memories that I can’t dare forget. I guess you probably feel the same way.

Junior school was not all that fun because of wicked seniors that their mission in life was to frustrate innocent juniors like me (I was not actually innocent, I was war, I was fight, I was indaboski). Lmao But speak of senior secondary, it was a hit back to back.

How I got my first job after graduation is far from usual and that’s why I want to share it with you. Much more than the story, I’ll like you to pick lessons from this event. Call it luck or whatever, all I know is that I made the move.

Here’s the story of how I got my first job

On this fateful day, a flyer was sent to a page that I belonged to, calling for volunteers. As at that time, I was less busy, so volunteering was a thing for me (it’s still a thing for me). It’s always nice to be able to help a just cause and also gain experience while doing so. I opened the picture and I decided to apply to be a volunteer for the event. Since I was so eager to fill the application form, I guess I didn’t fill it well. I didn’t get any feedback, so I reached out to the lady that sent the flyer.

I thought it would be interesting to share with you what a typical day in my life during this lockdown looks like. It’s not like I do something fancy though. Maybe I’m even here to console people who feel like they are not sticking to their usual routine. I’ also far from mine.

You would expect that I have a morning, day, and night routine right! Sorry to disappoint you, we lost a sense of time in my house since this lockdown began. Lmao

My Instagram account got hacked! It happened like a film trick!

I would have said hello there but this is not a sweet story at all.

I’m still here wondering why it had to be me this will happen to. I mean, who did I offend? How many followers do I even have? I’m not even popular on the streets of Instagram. I kept on thinking a whole lot of stuff in my head. I didn’t even want to believe at first until my username changed, my bio was deleted and then the person started deleting my pictures. At that point, I knew that ‘nkan ti se mi’ (something had happened to me). Lol

Wondering how I spent my 25th birthday? I’m glad to announce to you that corona got nothing on me! Hehehe

You should grab a seat because it’s going to be a long gist.

I won’t be wrong if I say my birthday this year is still the best. The reason is that I celebrated my birthday at home with all the members of my nuclear family present and because you showed me love. Much more because I get to finally launch my blog.

It’s my 25th birthday! Yaaayyyy!!

I’m literally dancing as I type this because my heart is so full of joy. What exactly is so exciting about being 25, you’ll ask? I actually might not know. All I know is that my own experience is different from every other 25 years old out there and mine is definitely thrilling.

Before now, the thought of turning 25 was scary. Growing up, I used to think by 25, I’ll have everything figured out. I had everything planned. Lol! Truth is I don’t have it figured out yet, but who cares?!  I won’t wallow in disappointment for things I’m yet to achieve. Rather I’ll celebrate my little wins. Whew…

I’m so thankful to God for sparing my life till this time. God’s grace and mercy kept me till now. Growing up, I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs but His grace brought me this far.

Do you know what’s more exciting?

What’s more exciting is the fact that I’m finally launching my blog after so many years of procrastination. If I’ll put a time to it, I had launched my blog since 2018 in my head. IKR!

It means so much to me that my baby is going live on my birthday. Just see it as my gift to you.

Now you see why I’m so pumped.


15 lessons I’ve learned over the years

I have sure learned more than 15 lessons and there’s still so much left for me to learn. Let me share with you the top 15 lessons that have helped me get to where I am today. 

  1. Whatever makes you happy, do it.
  2. Nobody has it figured out; everybody is just trying to get by.
  3. You can do anything, so far you set your mind to achieving it 
  4. Stop trying to impress people, they don’t even care
  5. Don’t compare yourself to others, there is no set definition of success
  6. It’s okay to fail, it’s part of the growth process as long as you learn from it.
  7. Invest in friendships, they sometimes worth more than money
  8. Sometimes all you need is a break to figure things out
  9. Live within your means
  10. Save! Save!! Save!!!
  11. Don’t stop learning, adding value makes you more valuable
  12. Success might take time, trust the process
  13. Never take God out of the equation
  14. It is okay to have mentors or people you are accountable to
  15. Worry less but don’t stop working

On a final note, I’ll love that you hold on to this. You still have many years ahead of you, don’t let anybody rush you. You are not too old!

If your family is like mine, you should already be getting questions like, when will you get married? Let nobody pressurize you into doing what you are not ready for. That your little achievement is also an achievement and there’s still time for more.

A step at a time and you’ll definitely get there.

Feel free to add your lessons in the comment section and don’t forget to wish me a happy birthday. 

With love,

Opeyemi Omidiji 


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