7 Self-Development Books to Read in Your 20s

self-development books to read in your 20s

Do you have to read self-development books on your self-development journey? The answer is yes! With no iota of doubt, I have concluded that the phrase, ‘Readers are leaders’ hold true in every sense of it. Growing up, my teachers would often shout it but I thought they were just trying to get me to […]

7 Common Self-Development Mistakes We All Make

self-development mistakes

One of the many self-development mistakes we all make is thinking that it is a one-time thing as against seeing it as a journey that never ends. Have you ever wondered why some people keep trying to improve their lives but never make headways? It’s not because they are not trying or not doing what […]

5 Reasons Why Self-Development is Important


Just like you, I used to think self-development is a one-time thing. It seemed as though all we needed to figure out is what we want, where we want to be and how to get there, but sadly that is not all that there is to this. I will tell you this for free, self-development […]

I Learned How to Be a Sugar Baby in 2 Days – 2023 Goals

How to be a sugar baby

I was going to look for a subtle and simple way to tell you about the things I learned from my ‘how to be a sugar baby’ a.k.a blesee lessons but you just judged me so I’m not going to try to please you. There’s no point trying to sugar-coat this story if all you’ll […]

5 Lifestyle Changes I’m Making and Loving in Budapest

lifestyle changes

The memo that I would make some lifestyle changes while living in Budapest was passed to me and I honestly dreaded it. I didn’t think for the life of me that I would fall in love with some of these things but I’m here to tell you my friend that, things are different. I thought […]

7 Culture Shocks Of A Nigerian Living In Budapest

culture shocks

It is statutory to experience culture shocks when you move to a new city or country, and as expected, I looked forward to the new experiences in Budapest. But a part of me low-key thought I had seen it all when I moved to Lagos, Nigeria. That city shook me so much that I was […]

My First Hiking Experience in Budapest

first hiking experience

My first hiking experience would probably be my last, no jokes. I could swear I would lose my legs, run out of breath and pass out in the woods. Let’s just say the fear of what happens to girls in the woods in movies, and the resolution to not disappoint my African forefathers got me […]

I Relocated… But Not To Where You Think

I Relocated to Budapest

The days that led to me leaving Nigeria were full of anxiety! Not because I was not sure about my decision to leave the country but because my visa was taking too long to come. Everything about the relocation process to this country was just different and for the first time, I also asked myself […]

5 Lessons 2021 Taught Me – The Good Secret is Out

lessons 2021 taught me

Just like that, it’s the end of the year already and I’ll be wrong to not write about the lessons 2021 taught me. I personally didn’t envisage the kind of year I had, to think I wanted it to end at some point and now I’m so shocked at how fast it ended. 2021 is […]

Hello September – Motivation, Mastery And Second Chances


Time really does fly because I’m not sure I can explain how it is September already. It makes sense now what I found during one of my wanderings on Instagram. I found a quote that says time is all that we have and don’t have and I think I understand better. I could swear I […]

Life Bits – The Potential I Had Safely Kept Away

life bits

Putting my life bits into words has become difficult because I’ve been spending more time in my head. It is super comfortable to be up there, I mean, you don’t get to face anything at all. Not your fears, not the reality, not your regrets, neither do you have to face the truth since it’s […]

Hello August – Wrong Choices and Consequences

wrong choices and consequences

Speaking of wrong choices and consequences, contrary to what I had planned for myself, I was caught in the middle and it felt like life was playing snooker with me. The feeling of wanting to show up but needing to disappear badly became a default feeling. The moment it looked like I was beginning to […]

Hello May: Emotion Is In The Air

hello May

Hello May, I didn’t think I would have to deal with a lot of emotion this month owing to the fact that my last night in the month of April was with so much excitement. If you have ever thought I have total control of my emotions, here’s a call to wake up because I […]

What You See Is What You Saw

what you see is what you saw

Have you ever sat down to think about the things you think about? Do you know that what you see is what you saw? Wait, don’t be confused yet. I heard the phrase what you see is what you saw in a movie, Tijuana Jackson: Purpose Over Prison. I immediately began to sing this popular […]

Hello Twenty-Six: Happy Birthday To Me

hello twenty-six

Hello twenty-six, it is a pleasure meeting you! It is 11:55 pm and I have decided to write this post since sleep is here playing hide and seek with me. So many emotions are running through my mind. I mean, just like that a baby girl is twenty-six. I guess you can only be young […]

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