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The memo that I would make some lifestyle changes while living in Budapest was passed to me and I honestly dreaded it. I didn’t think for the life of me that I would fall in love with some of these things but I’m here to tell you my friend that, things are different. I thought I would only have to do these things because and when I have to, but hey, someone is loving some of these things.

There are many lifestyle changes I’ve had to make since I got here. Some of these are bathing with hot water because I could freeze if I do otherwise, walking a lot because there’s no keke napep and bike here, dressing like I’m traveling to the moon just to buy something from the aboki down the road (no, there’s no aboki here but you get the drift), amongst other things.

These aforementioned things, I would be glad if these can change but here are some of the lifestyle changes I’m making and loving here in Budapest.

1. Coffee

Is coffee overrated?

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I used to think coffee is overrated! I was of the opinion that people drink coffee just to seem cool and those that claim they love coffee were not normal. I mean why would you go through the hustle and bustle of Lagos only to get to your office and take hot coffee? The only thing that made sense to drink was a chilled bottle of coca-cola or juice.

I could not wrap my head around the ‘coffee helps me to get active’ line my colleagues at work used to give me at the time but now I get it. If I’ve ever called you weird or tried to convince you to take coca-cola instead, pardon me. Now, just the smell of coffee makes me salivate not to talk of the refreshing taste and energy burst that come after.

2. Backpacks

I love structured handbags so tell me why backpacks are fast becoming my favorites. Do you know that boss babe feeling you get when you show up at the office with your handbag and your laptop bag? Well, I used to be obsessed with that but now I just want comfort (you didn’t think I forgot to add abeg).

If you think I’ll pick walking for long in the cold with my fingers exposed because I want to carry a bag and feel like a boss babe, then you don’t know me. I’ll subscribe to the comfort that comes with forgetting my backpack at my back any time, any day. And for the record, I’m already looking out for different designs of backpacks to buy.

3. Google maps

Here’s my confession, I feel like a pro because I now use Google Maps well (Dolapo, avoid me). You’ll be surprised that people exist that don’t even know what the map looks like, talk more about how to navigate with it, so tell me why I should not feel myself.

Truth be told, the beginning was rough. If someone had told me this would be a lifestyle change I’ll love, I would have argued. I had misplaced (missed my way does not cut it) many times just because I read the map wrongly. Other times, I went around my destination in circles and still did not get it but things are different now. I open the map with so much excitement and confidence now and even though it is weird how I transitioned from not using the map at all to using it every time now, I love it.

4. Pastries

Pastries in Budapest

At first, I was angry that I could no longer just hop on a bike to go get swallow and plenty inu eran (ask my love if you don’t get it), but the pastries here have melted away my anger. Don’t get it twisted, I still want to eat my swallow and suya and other things, but the pastries are enough consolation till I get my plenty inu eran again.

5. Tell me yours

I would have added my newly found love for boots here but it’s still a love-hate relationship. I get compliments that my thick legs look good in them boots and I love to hear it but I’m still not sure. When I’m sure, I’ll be back but before then, tell me yours. Have you made lifestyle changes recently? Do you love these changes or do you hate them? Tell me in the comment section.

Before you leave, read this.

I’ll be back with more. Till then, cheers

2 Responses

  1. That Google map ehn, I had to learn it to use it because I missed my way several times especially during winter 😢 ….. I can send you inu eran o 🤗

    Welldone 👍

  2. Lol, it’s the Coca Cola for me. I’m obsessed. Right now, as I’m typing this, I’m sipping on one chilled one while working😂😂. I need deliverance. I’m sorry, coke is not the bone of contention here, just carried away😂. Opeyemi, I’m not too surprised with the sudden change of mind on coffee, with your weather description over there, the best choice should be an instant coffee, which is quiet easy to access. And the google map, even Lagos your father’s land, it’s needed, how much more a strange man’s land. Let me send you hot Amala for the weather. Pele baby, please live in the experience.

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