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Do you know who you are and who you can ultimately be? Has anybody told you recently that you are amazing, strong and fearless? Well, I’m telling you now and I’m not kidding.

Many times we have imposed on ourselves limitations that restrict us from thinking positively of ourselves.  We think so small of ourselves and conclude that it’s only a miracle that can get us to that place we want to be. We keep fighting thoughts in our heads, we keep struggling with psychological boundaries that we have set for ourselves.

Just in case you have forgotten, I’m here to remind you of who you are and who you can ultimately be.

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Who you are

Knowing who you are and who you are called to become in Christ is the first step in learning how to see yourself. Let it be established that if you are not seeing yourself in the light of who God has called you to be, you’ll continue to live a frustrating life.

You are an embodiment of grace. You are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood. Sounds familiar right? I know

Based on life happenings and choices that you have made, you are probably living below the standard you ought to be living.  Maybe you are currently struggling, secretly wishing your life turned out like someone else’s own. I don’t mean to sound like one of those ‘aspire to perspire’, but can you stop wishing already?!  I’m just a lady tired of the average life. I’m tired of thinking within the box and I’m willing to drag with me anyone that’s also tired.

You are so ignorant of the potentials that you carry that you are so comfortable barely surviving. If only you knew how much more you can be.

Who you can ultimately be

You can be whatever you want to be. Sounds cliché right? But it’s the truth. You can be whatever you want but until you decide to start doing things differently, you should not expect a different result. Do you believe?

Your belief system colors your expectations and informs what you think you are worthy of achieving. What you believe to be true about a situation is what you’ll likely experience. What then is your state of mind? ‘Your chances of success in any undertaking can be measured by your belief in yourself’ Robert Collier.

You are one decision away from living the life of your dream. You must decide to go after the purpose for which God has called you. Are you wondering, how will I know my purpose? You can discern the will of God for your life through prayers. God is always speaking, are you disciplined enough to hear what He is conveying to you? Much more, God has also given you everything you need to accomplish what he has called you to do.

When I know the will of God, what’s next?

Step out in faith and become the kind of person who grabs hold of the future. Don’t wait for tomorrow to come to you, reach out and grab it. When faced with situations, don’t just see the problem but look beyond to see the solution. How far you are able to see into your future depends on your willingness to discipline your mind. As far as your mind can carry you, you can get there.

I would give you tips on how to become the ultimate you but to what end? It takes a person with a purpose to fulfill it. Why not carefully search out the will of God for your life. Only then can your struggles be over. It is what you find that you can work on.

Remember that your potential is all you can be but have not yet become, all you can do but have not yet done. Knowing your purpose is the catalyst that ignites your potential. Dare to look within to see your potential and then shift focus from what lies within to the possibilities that are directly in front of you. Don’t limit yourself to what you think is possible. Push past your current limitations and reach higher.

I’m sorry I sounded like a teacher/motivational speaker. I wrote this post with the passion for greatness that I carry.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, share your opinions with me.

With love,

Opeyemi Omidiji

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