Have you ever sat down to think about the things you think about? Do you know that what you see is what you saw? Wait, don’t be confused yet. I heard the phrase what you see is what you saw in a movie, Tijuana Jackson: Purpose Over Prison. I immediately began to sing this popular TikTok song, I see, I saw, lol. I didn’t give much thought to the phrase until later that evening. The movie that looked boring from the beginning to my surprise, began to make sense to me.

I found myself thinking so hard about the confidence Tijuana exuded in the movie even when all odds were against him. Do you know what else I noticed? I found myself talking and thinking all through that day with so much confidence. The only difference is that all odds were not against me, lol. This explains it!

You immediately start to feel like you can conquer the world after you listen to a motivational speaker. Your hope is made stronger when you read the reassuring word of God. You start to feel good about love when you watch a movie about love. Do you think these things happen ordinarily? They are as a result of what you have fed your mind on.

law of attraction

What you see is what you saw: You are a product of what you see

Why is it that the moment you see a sleek Lexus car, it suddenly begins to feel like that’s all there is to see? You begin to see it everywhere you go. In reality, people did not just start using that Lexus car. Nobody imported anything because of you neither was there any increase in people buying it as at the time you saw it. But because you saw it, paid attention to it, you begin to think so much about it, and it’s all that you can see.

So, back to my question, have you ever sat down to think about the things you think about? Do you question the origin of your thoughts? Have you ever thought that you can influence the things you think about by picking the things you pay attention to? Here is the logic. Your mind is very powerful and how you use it greatly determines your reality. What you see is what you think about, what you think about influences how you feel and in turn, how you behave.

What you see is what you saw: Choose what you see carefully

You are a product of what you see and that is why the phrase, you don’t have to be behind bars to be in prison is true. Different things form our perspectives of ourselves and they could be traced to the things we spend our time thinking about. Choose what you see!

What type of books do you read? Do you watch movies that remind you of your strength or you’ll rather sit on Instagram and be reminded of the luxury you are yet to acquire? Where are the places you go to? The things you see are like reinforcements. They either confirm already existing thoughts or create new thoughts entirely.

understanding the law of attraction

Challenge your beliefs

The only thing keeping you from getting what you want is the story you keep telling yourself.” – Tony Robbins

In this case, the story you keep telling yourself might be influenced by the things you see. Be careful of what you see. How do you see yourself? How do you see your life? What things could have influenced this? The moment you see a challenge as too big to overcome or the moment you see yourself not qualifying to live in that house or having that job you have already failed.

In life what you see and how you see it matters. It determines the whole course of your life. It is important, therefore, to carefully create our reality by placing what we want right in front of our eyes every time. Choose what you see and how you see it, for you become what you see. Our beliefs are so powerful. They dictate the direction of our lives, and unless we change our beliefs, it is doubtful that our situation will change.

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Stay sane, Stay safe.

With love,

Opeyemi Omidiji

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