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Everybody looks happy but not everybody is happy genuinely. This is not because they don’t feel like being happy. I mean, everyone wants to be happy but some don’t know that they are deliberately blocking happiness from getting into their lives. They are carrying about burden in their mind and heads so much that they have forgotten how to be happy.

There are enough problems in the world right now than to then deliberately hold on to some stuff. The best thing anyone can do right now is to choose to be happy every time no matter the condition. Life is truly short, we don’t know whose turn it is tomorrow. It is therefore expedient that we live each day with great happiness.

In as much as outward things can bring happiness, it can’t be as genuine as being happy from the inside. That is why you need to let go of some things if you truly want to be happy. I’ll be sharing 5 things you need to let go of to be happy. The 5th point is personal to me so you might want to read till the end.

1. Guilt from your past mistakes

I have a friend who continually reminds herself of how she has made mistakes that cost her some things she could have achieved way before now. She looks at herself like she’s trash and undeserving of any good thing. At every point, she feels everything that’s not working in her life is as a result of the mistakes she made earlier in life.

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Yes, she made a mistake, maybe the mistakes cost her some things but no everything is not working, not because of the mistake she made. Things are not working because she is holding on to the guilt so hard. The guilt helps her justify the average life she’s living.

Are you just like my friend? Until you let go of that guilt, you cannot be happy neither can you make progress in life. you cannot correct the past but you can make up for it by doing things in the present that brings you closer to your dreams.

2. If you want to be happy, let go of the fear of failure

This is a bit personal for me too. I think too much, I worry too much. What if I fail? What if it does not work out? Maybe I can’t do it. Or it’s not for people like me to do, I’ll fail at it. All these things exist in our imagination and we give strength to it the more we think about it. Fear is a thought of the future and we decide it with the actions of the present.

Fear of failure will only hold you back from doing the things your heart wants. Why not let go of the fear and do that thing. You’ll never know the outcome if you don’t do it.

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3. Let go of comparison to be happy

You are not me and I am not you. I do not have your strengths neither do you have mine so why this. The comparison will only steal your joy and leave you sad. Do not compare yourself with others. Stop wishing you have someone else’s life.

It will only leave you feeling inferior and with very low self-esteem. Be content with what you have now but don’t settle. Let your goals be your motivation not because your friend is also doing it. The grass is not always greener on the other side. Take care of your grass and be happy.

4. The pressure to prove yourself

You don’t need this, it’s not necessary. The pressure to prove yourself will only lead to great sadness and worse still mental breakdown. It is worse if you are not able to now prove anything at the end.

You are in no competition with anybody hence you don’t need to prove you can come first. The goal should be to constantly outdo the things you have done not outdo some else’s goal. Take the pressure off your head if you ever want to be happy. You don’t have to prove that you are worth it to anybody. It’s not a debate in the first place.

You are worth it and you can do so much. No proving is needed

5. People’s expectations

This has led many people to depression without even knowing. Oh, my mum expects me to be a doctor but I’m loving the media space. I can’t disappoint my mum so I have to live up to her expectation. Says who? I know what holding on tight and trying to meet people’s expectations can do to a person.

You’ll lose yourself totally in a bid to try to live up to people’s expectations. Also, you’ll be left sad and confused. You’ll have no sense of fulfillment because, in an actual sense, you are not doing things that’ll make you fulfilled.

Never you lose your originality for anything. Do you and what makes you happy. Let go of people’s expectations and you’ll be happy.

Which of these have you been holding on too tightly? After reading this post, which of these are you willing to let go of? You deserve to be happy, therefore you need to do away with anything that’ll deprive you of that happiness. The world needs more happy people.

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With love,

Opeyemi Omidiji

7 Responses

  1. I’m learning to let go of my fear of failure and I’m doing more each day. Your posts always has a way of making me remember the beautiful aspect of life which I must hold on to and to be better. Thanks for the daily motivation💓💓

  2. No 2. Is talking to me!! The fear of failure ehn, but with time I realized just do what makes you happy and if u fail, pick yourself up and retry again. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day!!!

    1. Since I stopped prioritizing the expectations of others over what I want, I’ve made a lot of progress in specific areas of my life.

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