Opeyemi Omidiji

What You See Is What You Saw

what you see is what you saw

Have you ever sat down to think about the things you think about? Do you know that what you see is what you saw? Wait, don’t be confused yet. I heard the phrase what you see is what you saw in a movie, Tijuana Jackson: Purpose Over Prison. I immediately began to sing this popular […]

1 Important Thing To Do TO Change Your Life

change your life

Do you know that to change your life, you also need to change your environment? This post is inspired by the fact that many people are willing to have a better life. In fairness to them, they try so hard but all their efforts are frustrated. They end up feeling like losers. Nobody deserves to […]

25 Positive Words Guaranteed To Brighten Your Day

power of positive words

This morning I woke up mumbling positive words to myself. It could be as a result of too much sleep or a not so good dream but it felt like a good way to wake up. So I thought, why not write about positive affirmations.

4 Best Pieces Of Advice That Changed My Life


So I wrote the topic as if I got these pieces of advice in a very nice way. Far from it guys. I won’t deceive you, they hit me in a very deep place and the normal me would rebel. You know that feeling when you hear something and it stings you? Or maybe you […]

Goal Setting: Definition, Importance And How To

goal setting

The importance of goal setting cannot be overemphasized. I know that I told you that you can do anything so far you set your mind to it but let me also tell you that you might not be able to do much if you don’t set goals. If you ever want to live the life […]

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