4 Important Life Lessons I Learned From My Exes


Calm down, it’s just lessons I learned from my exes. I didn’t say my ex-boyfriends so come back home. Lol, I’m sure at the sight of the topic, lessons I learned from my ex, your mind immediately went to boyfriends. Well, you are not totally wrong. By exes I mean ex-classmates, roommates, friends (feel free […]

It’s My 25th Birthday: 15 lessons I’ve Learnt So Far

25th birthady

It’s my 25th birthday! Yaaayyyy!! I’m literally dancing as I type this because my heart is so full of joy. What exactly is so exciting about being 25, you’ll ask? I actually might not know. All I know is that my own experience is different from every other 25 years old out there and mine […]

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