7 Proven Ways To Overcome Procrastination

procrastination: how to stop procrastinating

This month, we are on a journey to fully crushing procrastination. Hello there, happy new month. I’m glad you have journeyed with me for three months. Thank you. Please don’t stop. We are taking the bull by the horn and smashing our goals this month, no holding back. Do I have a witness? To make […]

5 Simple Habits To Improve The Quality Of Your Life


Little habits that don’t seem like they matter are those that greatly matter. First, let me say to you, I’ve missed you. I’m sure you thought I was going to sing Duduke, lmao. I know going MIA was not the nicest thing to do and I’m sorry. The reason why I didn’t publish last week […]

5 Tips for Personal Growth and Development

Personal Growth

Passionately pursuing your personal growth and development is one action you should never be ashamed of. In fact, this is the one thing that you owe yourself. It is a life long journey you must embrace and enjoy.

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