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Since we love to relax things a bit on Fridays, I thought we should play the never have I ever game here. What do you say? Even if you say no, we are playing the game and you will participate. Yes, it is by force o.

So I thought I would come up with something else for today but then I saw a post on Instagram that triggered this post. You see all these things that some people refer to as basic, some of us have never experienced them in our lives. There’s no shame at all in this, it was before that I was not proud to say them but now ehn, no shame o. Maybe my anon will even read this post and help me, lol.

Do you see why you should also participate? Don’t let your anon pass you by. So this is how we’ll play the game. I’ll list 5 supposed basic things I’ve never experienced and you’ll also list yours. Don’t even think of not dropping yours in the comment section, else I’ll hunt you. Okay! Okay!

Disclaimer: So I don’t break your heart, just know that this post is not what you are thinking and it will shock you. Especially if you are part of those people that think I’m a big girl, lol.

1. Traveled by air

Never have I ever traveled by air. E shock you! I’m also shocked. Lol, I’m not shocked at all. You read that right, I’ve never traveled by air and I look forward to it. I’ve entered an airplane before though but it was an excursion when I was in primary school lmao. We just entered and came back down, lobatan.

All I know is that before the end of the year, I’ll be traveling by air. Can I hear your amen!  So you are laughing, have you ever traveled by air? Catch your sub,!

2. Never have I experienced clubbing

Yes, you read what you read and I said what I said. Never have I ever experienced what it means to club. That’s why I put a disclaimer at the beginning of the post. Let me even tell you this funny story, I hope my dad won’t read it sa.

So on this day, I followed my sister and some of my brothers to Ibadan. We were to go to the club and I was excited not knowing my asthma was looking at me like you dunno about it. We got there and I entered for God knows how many minutes and I was back outside again. it was so hot and I could not breathe well. Long story short, I sat in the car all through the night while they clubbed.  That was my near clubbing experience.

I’m not sure I look forward to this anymore though.

3. Never have I ever gone on a proper date

You know all this wear a dress, heels, and makeup kinda date, I have never gone on any. I used to think so hard about this thing. I mean, how would a 25year old girl have never gone a date. It’s a shame o, but you can’t shame the shameless sa. We move, lol

I really look forward to this. I had dinner plans for my birthday but corona did not let me shine. There is God.

If you are my anon, let’s go on a date o. Just that you won’t be anon anymore because ill see you.

I could go on and on because its plenty o but then, I’ve given you too much premium gist. I want to read yours and also laugh at you. Drop 3 things you have never experienced in the comment section and let’s have fun. I intend to write a bucket list from this so don’t think of not saying anything after reading. I repeat I’ll hunt you. Okay!

And yea, if you have experienced all these three things I mentioned, share your experience with me. What was it like? I want to know what to expect.it means you people in this category will be dropping two or more comments.

Finally, make sure you share this post with your friends. Let them also come and participate. I’m sure it’ll be fun. Also, scroll down to double-tap the love icon. Have you subscribed to my newsletter yet? Just tell me your reason for not subscribing. Till we meet again next week Monday, stay safe fam.

With love,

Opeyemi Omidiji

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12 Responses

  1. I’m with you sister😫, never have I travelled by air
    You see that clubbing part ehn, I’m not with you on that ooo😂. Never have I ever gone on a road trip and so much more 😢

  2. One and two is same for me, Mine is even never have I ever visited a club. Also never have I fainted, never have I dyed my hair, never have I drank an alcohol.

  3. I have travelled by air and believe me your first experience will be funny and not funny at the same time… lolz
    About the clubbing part, I followed my sister once but my husband who was my bf then didn’t allow me enjoy it. He kept calling all through till we left. So it was like going to the club but not experiencing it at all.

  4. You are alone my dear on the club and flying part but the proper date, I dunno if I have had one, like the restaurant kind of date with my dress and heels plus make up. We are together on that. Let me know when we can go mbok, it is long overdue

  5. 1)OK…lemme start mine with the fact that I’ve never travelled by air too.
    2)The clubbing aspect, lol.I hope my dad doesn’t see this..it was in my 200l days that I just entered the medical college proper & various welcome back parties were popping up and as per omo mummy I never wanted to go but something led to another I sha went, it was my last night clubbing tho…I felt really awkward,I wondered how pple could dance in that type of heat and different body interactions… All through the night I was just observing and this gave me the chance of seeing the unbelievable, some even went as far as the lobby,car bonneth with different shocking games..let me stop there…it wasn’t a nice experience..
    3)I’ve never received a surprise gift b4_I always knew abt whatever gift I’ll be given…
    4)Never I’ve I tasted an alcohol even at the club I banked on hollandia yogurt..
    5)Funny enough I’ve never heard a proper gf…..note the word (proper gf)..if u know u know…

    I can go on and on

  6. Lolzzz, chaaii, this is hilarious… Never have I been surprised with a cake on my birthday, I always collect the money most times and buy something else for myself. Maybe bcos I’m a baker.

  7. I have only travelled by air once( local flight) by God’s grace i am looking forward to more ( international and local) more of obodo oyinbò😂😂😂😂.
    The club thing ehn, i don lose count😂😂😂😂😂 see my life outside but don’t get it twisted, it’s good to have fun😉😉😉 my brothers and sisters in thy lord, help me shout Hallelujah 🙌
    But i will shock you now, you won’t believe it with all my package, i can’t drive a car on my own😁…. let me run 🏃‍♂️

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