Opeyemi Omidiji

My Instagram account got hacked! It happened like a film trick!

I would have said hello there but this is not a sweet story at all.

I’m still here wondering why it had to be me this will happen to. I mean, who did I offend? How many followers do I even have? I’m not even popular on the streets of Instagram. I kept on thinking a whole lot of stuff in my head. I didn’t even want to believe at first until my username changed, my bio was deleted and then the person started deleting my pictures. At that point, I knew that ‘nkan ti se mi’ (something had happened to me). Lol


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So this was what happened!

On the 18th of April around 5:30 pm, I tried to open my Instagram app since I don’t log out. I was told at first that there was a problem and I could not log in. I didn’t think it could be that my account was hacked. As per nobody thinks of bad things for themselves na until it happens. I had tried several times when the thought hit me, could it be that my account has been hacked? I then searched for my personal account through my business account only for me to find out my username had been changed. What?! It can’t be! No now! I sa kept on talking in the rubbish. Lol

I immediately called a friend and told him they had hacked my account. He went to check and confirmed it. At this point, I was already numb. I mean, I worked hard to get my account to where it was. Why would a person just want to ruin my hard work? I thought it to be inconsiderate. But then it was English I was speaking oo. It’s not like the guy could even hear.

I put it out on Whatsapp that my account was hacked and I got different ways that I could try to get my account back. I tried everything but nothing worked. If only I had done the two-factor authentication, maybe I would have avoided it

After so many trials, I asked that a friend help me chat with the person asking if I could get my account back. He told us to fuck off at first, then said I had to give him another account with nothing less than 10k followers to get mine back. Like where was I supposed to get it from? Is this guy even listening to himself, really? My own account didn’t even have 10k followers!

i had to let go

I had to let go!

I decided to let go and open another account. All hope of getting my account back is lost. I promise I’m not crying!

The thought of starting all over from 0 follower alone is scary but it’s not like I have another option. My Instagram page was supposed to help me drive traffic to my blog. But then life continues.

So that you don’t also fall victim, please ensure that you do the two-factor authentication. I know the feeling and it’s not a good one at all. Evil will not befall us o. I would have given you tips on how to recover your account if hacked but it didn’t work for me. I don’t want to give you false hope that you can get it back (maybe if a miracle happens).  The best thing is to avoid it. Do the two-factor authentication.

News flash! I already opened another Instagram account and I’ll appreciate that you follow me. See it as a consolation gift from you to me. Don’t worry I’ll follow back. Thank you

Click here to follow me or search for @opeyemiomidiji_ on IG.

May you not have cause to say ‘my Instagram account got hacked’… So please follow me (see that I added please now o)lol

I still love you in the midst of this so I’ll end with my usual line.

With love,

Opeyemi Omidiji

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7 Responses

  1. Wow, so sorry about that girl.
    I noticed the change in name and was going to ask what happened?
    Don’t worry, it’s for the better and your account will grow stronger and mightier 💪
    We believe in you. You’re doing well😁🥰

  2. Sorry about that dear, I just followed you and also enabled my 2 factor authentication thanks for sharing 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻💖💖💖

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