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Should I say I was stupid when I was in secondary school or should I say I had the best time of my life. Secondary school was so full of memories that I can’t dare forget. I guess you probably feel the same way.

Junior school was not all that fun because of wicked seniors that their mission in life was to frustrate innocent juniors like me (I was not actually innocent, I was war, I was fight, I was indaboski). Lmao But speak of senior secondary, it was a hit back to back.

Uniforms, socks, and school sandals

Let’s start with school uniforms, socks, and school sandals. If you had an ugly school uniform, accept my heartfelt condolence. Thinking about it now, my school uniform was not all that fine. Should we talk about the color comb or the length and breadth of my uniform? It’s not like yours was fine too tho. Well, gators covered up for the ugliness. If the battle of 100 gators was not a thing in your school, you people were not classy. I mean, some people actually got awards for this thing. We would put our uniforms under the bed just because we were looking for the gator.

As if that was not enough, we added socks to our problems. I would wear 2 pairs of socks just because I wanted to form a neat girl. No junior could step on my leg, what! Let’s also add that I had extra rag for cleaning my sandals. I would have cleaned my sandals every 5 minutes. It was that bad. It was not just me, I’m sure you also can relate.

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Let’s also talk about the buttery. You cannot afford to not bring pocket money. I’ll rather not bring lunch boxes to school than not have pocket money. It was a big girl thing. You can’t even go and buy something cheap. You had to buy Limca or Goldspot, doughnut or gala. Who biscuit help? Oh my God.

The ‘stupidest’ thing I did

The ‘stupidest’ thing I did at that time (maybe 2nd most stupid) was to tell my dad not to send the driver to pick me. Ask me why! Just because I wanted to trek to the junction with my friends and also take a bike. I was so obsessed with the idea of taking a bike home by myself. I would even envy those ones that didn’t have drivers to pick them. SMH.  It got to a point that I actually lied that we had to wait for lessons just so I can trek. Looking back at it, I feel stupid.  To what end, please?

Those of you that made us feel like we were not among because you knew all the foreign songs at that time better be musicians now or be living abroad o. Looking back at those days of unnecessary tension and I can’t help but laugh at myself. It’s so funny how we let things that didn’t matter dictate the kind of life we lived back then in secondary school. If only we knew these things would not even last. Those boarding students in my secondary school ehn, only God can settle this thing.

I was in the kitchen with my younger sister when I started the gist of how I knew the lyrics to some songs offhand. Then I mentioned one and she immediately jumped up and started singing it with me. As soon as I told her what led to me knowing the lyrics, she immediately told me that the same thing happened in her school at that time. I figured this must have happened in most schools in Nigeria, therefore many people can relate.

Lyrics book

Were you one of those people that bought lyrics book just because you wanted to be able to sing whenever the song pops up in class? Catch your sub, please. No shame at all because I’m also on this table. I can remember vividly how I put aside my pocket money to buy those books. Guess it was sold for #150. I dedicated time to cramming these lyrics, you would have thought I was preparing for jamb. It was a thing of pride to actually know these songs at that time. If you didn’t know those songs, then you were not a big girl/boy.

Let’s not even talk about the movies at that time too. Oh my God, there was this set of guys that legit tensioned us. It got to a point we had to name them some of these series. Movies that didn’t make sense to me at that time were movies I sat with and watched because I wanted to have something to say. My room was filled with discs because that was what was available at that time. Good old days.

So let’s talk about some of the songs   

On top of my list was Halo by Beyonce. I mastered the song so well that I would sing it and feel like Beyonce herself. It was that personal. I can still sing it now though. Some other songs that were a thing for me at that time are:

  • Man down Rihanna
  • Some nights Fun
  • We are young Fun
  • What’s my name Rihanna
  • Love the way you lie Rihanna
  • Edge of Glory Lady Gaga
  • Firework Katy Perry
  • Grenade Bruno Mars
  • Just the way you are Bruno Mars
  • Coming home Diddy-Dirty Money

That said, let’s talk about some of the movies. If you watched any on this list, then you are a gee (maybe not). During break time, we would gather and gist about them. If you didn’t have anything to say, then you were not welcome at the table. It was like a gang thing. I’m forced to actually mention Tunji Amoda (that we ended up naming Smallville), Joel, Yemi, and Dolapo. These people saw all the movies at that time and they peppered us in class. Some of the movies that were a thing at that time are:

  • Boys before flower, I hated Gum Jan di and loved Gu Jun Pyo
  • My night tale fox
  • Legend of the seeker
  • Smallville
  • Vampire diaries
  • Mara and Clara
  • Her mother’s daughter

Don’t get it twisted, much more than these shenanigans, I was and I’m still a bright girl. Ask my secondary school mates. Lol…And there were some things I didn’t do, check here. I could go on and on about my secondary school shenanigans but let’s stop here. We’ve talked enough about me. Let’s talk about you too. I’ll be in the comment section to laugh with you, share your hit songs, movies, and experience with me. Don’t just read, make sure you share with your friends too.

With love,

Opeyemi Omidiji

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41 Responses

  1. Lolzzz, OMG just can’t stop laughing while reading this. The part where you got rag for your shoes, I actually would pack my polish container and brush in my bag, would rather forget my books at home than forget my polish at home to shine my shoes every hour. I even had a clique where I was the leader, you definitely don’t want to mess with us. Lol. I will even exchange sch bags with my brother just so people would think I have lots of bags. Gone are the days. Thank you for bringing back these memories.

  2. I am so on this table. I wear black socks to school so I can wear my white socks back home 😂

  3. 🤣 🤣 Ope you got me laughing on this one, just to class ourselves as the big and fine boys of the school, we’d always wear black socks (always ready to take them off once a teacher is in sight) see stress. Under the sun or in the rain, my crew was always on the aba made Calvin klein sweaters (come and see sweat🤣) just to class ourselves. I can go on and on… But this post is amazing, brought back wonderful memories.

  4. Not to brag,lol,I was the neatest girl in my class😂,and the hottest tomboy in my class then,as per girls only school.I received lots of love letters from both juniors and seniors back then.And when it comes to contraband,lol,my head dey there.Secondary school was fun ooh,latest songs on check,but movies it’s only when we go home and come back for holidays😂😂.And talking about shoes and socks,it was strictly aerosoft sandal and pure white sock or brown on some days,but we will still break rules and wear black ankle socks to prove point😂😂🤣🤣.A lot to say about my sec sch life ooh.Thanks for bringing back memories 😘

    1. Maddddd ohhhh!!!
      Opeyemi you just wrote down the story of my life in one blog post 😂 but in addition, I followed boyyysssss. Damn! I will always date the so called “big boys” in school. I attended a full boarding school (no day student) and we were less than 200 in number so dating was a thing then and it was a struggle to get the good and big guys . Social night was always a banger too, you will want to look so peng so that you can be noticed and get called out for one rubbish performance.
      I miss my secondary school life.

    2. Is there anything like hottest tomboy? lmao. I wore the life out of my aerosoft sandals too, i loved the fact that it gave me height, lol. Love letters, hmmm.
      I’m glad I brought back memories

    3. Is there anything like hottest tomboy? lmao. I wore the life out of my aerosoft sandals too, i loved the fact that it gave me height, lol. Love letters, hmmm.
      I’m glad I brought back memories

  5. Lmao 😂 😂🤣 I remembered coming home to talk about smallville and I ended up watching dt movie 😂😂 Secondary school was fun for me cos it was boardijg house 😉I mingled with boys more though and it helped me when it’s time for Massacre (more of food hunt😂) Good old days!! My Uniform and House wear Ehn 😂😂🙌🙌 I’m sure we all can relate 😂
    Nice piece darling 🙏🙌Keep it up

    1. All ye boarders that will be feeling like you are the kings and day students are not, well-done o. The food hunt part, I can totally relate. You were part of those that put uniforms under the bed for gators abi, lol. I’m glad you found this piece nice.

  6. I really didn’t care about the hit songs then but when my classmates come up with a Christian song I don’t know, I usually feel awkward so I was forced to get a lyric book to “feel among”. I had to ensure I mastered those songs, that helped me though. We also talked about movies and if you have not watched those movies you would feel like an outcast. Some of my classmates even brought the discs to school for us to watch after exams in our music room

  7. This is such a good read. I couldn’t stop but laughing.
    There were few things that stood for me during secondary school days mehn…

    1. I never got my crush after writing love letters, composing songs for her from JS1 – JS2. Mehn, I even had to read books so I can measure to this girl yet My Village people caught up with me. Las Las, the Lady don marry last year, Mo wa walk away.

    2. Movies eh, we were the Kings of Movies even if we have to go and do “tojubole” just bcs we must show. I remember when I watched 4hrs Indian Movie “Kuchi Kuchi Hotae” without subtitle, Haa!!! I don craze sha. I knew how my guy friend distaste the fact that I watch Indian Movies and to make matters worse I see them without subtitle.
    Secondary School days na cruise abeg.

    Well, in my secondary I hold the record for the senior prefect that was impeached, reinstated over 3 times bcs we are just like that. Revolutionary ni Omo jare…

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed this post. You wrote love letters and composed songs, Maaddd ooo. Upon all you no still mary, sorry o.
      You watched Indian movie without subtitle, whatttt.Secondary school na real cruise for you Toyosi.

  8. For a second there, I thought you wouldn’t mention ‘smallville’ in particular😂. Then i got to the point where you did😂 Good job ma’am👏🏽
    I didn’t really fancy going to school then but it was fun all the same😄
    Thanks for helping us relive some of these moments in our heads😘

  9. OMG🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣……Opirò you brought back memories to me, Back then in secondary school, i was a “ladies man” and up till now🤣🤣…. i could remember vividly, i have my girls all around me( Kemi,Abiodun Yinka and Afusat e.t.c) we are always together. Take it or leave it, my uniform back then was on point,not to talk of my school sandals and the general school uniform outfit…..Omg!!!! Me self slay ooooo…..music we talk about then…. Olufùnmi by style plus, on bended knee by Boy ii Men❤❤❤❤ e.t.c Movies and series, Second chance, The guardian Daughter always showing in Galaxy TV, Golden rockers by Golden more, it’s a dancing competition between schools etc …..Forget it i had fun with my girls 😉😉😉😉😉

    Thanks Opeyemi Omidiji.

    1. Kolade oko gbogbo obinrin, lmao. How did I forget Olufunmi by style plus, it was a jam too. I remember golden rockers too, it was every Saturday morning I guess. You sure had a lot of fun in secondary school.

  10. …you just took me back in time.
    Well I think you attended a very “toosh” school (good for you)

    I remembered how much most of us in my class hated our VP, we even have him a nick (ENEMY MAN) .

    Don.Jazzy, D.Banj, P.Square were the big “boys in town then. Oh I forgot to add IMPLICATION (2BABA).

    Hello Ada! OMG my first girl friend, love was boring then but we never knew then lol.

    I could go on and on.
    Cheers to memories.

  11. Wow🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣……Oppy you brought back memories to me, Back then in secondary school, i was a “Gentle boy” and up till now🤣🤣…. i could remember vividly…Am always with my pals( Usman, Tomisin, Rilwan e.t.c.)
    I remembered how much most of us in my class (art) used to while away time when we are having fine art. 🤣🤣
    Watched alot of movies back then e.g. Boys before flower, I loved Gum Jan di, Legend of the seeker, Catalina and Sebastian, The Gardner’s daughter, Second chance, Smallville, Mara and Clara, Vampire diaries, Nine tailed fox e.t.c….

    I could go on and on.
    Cheers to memories🥂🥂🥂

  12. Well, most of my secondary school life was lived been a really cool and gentle boy, I was quite young anyway. I was too popular sometimes for my liking, Always the youngest in the class, was a perfect, had to be extra careful because the school principal was like family, so man couldn’t misbehave. I was nicknamed grammarian. I was the green snake under the green grass most teachers would think I couldn’t hurt a fly, but I was the voice behind the muscles. My juniors loved me a lot, lol some of the even had crushes on me. I got extremely neat and swag like during my SSS 3.

    1. Grammarian Foluso, lol. There’s a way that knowing either the principal or teachers could kill somebody’s shine. Good thing that your juniors loved you, I’m sure you enjoyed school

  13. I can’t relate 😒😣🙄
    I didn’t do any of those, I was all about football and rough play, white socks to school, brown socks back home 😂😂

  14. Lmao… Mehnnnn. I did the socks thingy when I entered senior secondary school. And the song… You’re automatically uninvited to our group discussion if you don’t know them cos most of the time… Songs ni. And there’s this game we play… It’s called prime factor… It follows the same pattern with jackpot… Just the this one has to do with singing a song and you stop singing it when you feel like and the next person has to continue from where you stopped… If he/she can’t, he/she has a P… And it goes like that till you spell out prime factor.

    Another thing we do during free period… I used to go to the board to compose some lame songs that follows with any situation in class at the time, then teach my class mates… And trust me when I say crazy crazy… That’s how class will scatter, some people are drumming, some are rapping and damn… It was usually a crazy flow.

    I don’t even want to talk about Facebook trend.

    And there’s this thing about class cooperation. If you know the person that actually did something in class, they dinno born your mother Hin law well to open your mouth to talk even if they’re beating the whole class.. lol. You don’t want to die young. Because hmmm… You will enter my hymn book.

    I was actually a stubborn girl that feared cain… Bet… Man had fun.
    I had a clique… We were three crazy best friends. I had the time of my life with these people mehnnnn… Oloun.

    I can go on and on…tbh. sec school was a cruise. It’s a place you can be yourself.

    1. Your secondary school na cruise o, lmao. There was one time I also went to report an incident because I was the press club president, I became everybody’s enemy. So many memories o
      You sure had fun.

  15. I was all smiles ☺️☺️while reading this.
    Then, if I don’t iron my uniform I won’t want to go to school and if I go I would stay in class all through,no moving around…..Lol…. I cant afford to be caught unfresh.

  16. Omo, almost everyone had this experience, omo that part you wear double socks,my own na coloured socks and white,with my wax intact inside my bag,funny enough my house is 5 minutes walk to my school,i will still change to colour socks and get home late🤣🤣,I remember one time when my dad ask me why am using perfume to school omo he no funny at all,secondary get the best memories, opeyemi thanks for bringing the memory to life again.

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