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My first hiking experience would probably be my last, no jokes. I could swear I would lose my legs, run out of breath and pass out in the woods. Let’s just say the fear of what happens to girls in the woods in movies, and the resolution to not disappoint my African forefathers got me through the torture that I put myself through. It is okay if you are laughing at me already but please before you judge me or maybe say, ‘who sent you’, make sure you read all the sides of the story.

I had arrived late due to delayed visa as I mentioned in my relocation post and because of that, I had missed the enrollment events and some classes. When I got the ‘CommBackpacking’ notification, I was excited because I thought it was an avenue to meet my classmates and maybe get some information I had missed. If only I knew I was playing myself. How on earth did I even think going on a hike where everyone would literally be trying to catch their breath and conserve energy is the place to meet people? Jokes on me.

Well I started to prepare and guess what the first headache was.

What should I wear on a hike?

How would I have known that there are different hike outfits for different seasons if not for Google. As a typical Nigerian who the only thing close to a hike she has ever done is climb Olumo Rock and OAU Mountain, I started to wonder what I should wear. I wanted to look good for my first hiking experience but I was confused. I mean, back in Nigeria, you could wear shorts and t-shirt or even tank tops and you’ll be fine but here, it was a different case. The weather was so cold when I arrived and from the recommendations I saw on Google, I had no clothes that fit the occasion.

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What should I wear on a hike

Just help me thank God that did not allow my village people to shame me. Even though my outfit might not have been the perfect fit, it was comfortable and because I layered, I was able to survive both the cold and heat. If you would ever consider going on a hike which I think you should not, I’m sure you’ll find this useful.

The Buda Hills

I honestly did not pay attention to the details of the hike because of my excitement to just be with my classmates. Maybe if I did, I would have checked out the Buda Hills and know what was waiting for me.

first hiking experience

So if I want to be honest with you, it was a sweet yet not so sweet experience for me. Climbing and trekking or whatever name you would like to call it was the hardest but the beautiful scenery, historical architecture and the people I met, made the experience a bit sweet.

And yea, I spoke with 4 of my classmates while I watched the others fight for their lives just like me.

Buda Hills

Would I do this again? If a huge amount of money is involved, just maybe. Asides that, I don’t think I’ll ever go on a hike again. If you think your first hiking experience might be better, go do yours then. That’s a subtle way of me saying, do am if e easy, lol.

There’s more to say about living in Hungary so, I’ll be back soon with more.

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