Putting my life bits into words has become difficult because I’ve been spending more time in my head. It is super comfortable to be up there, I mean, you don’t get to face anything at all. Not your fears, not the reality, not your regrets, neither do you have to face the truth since it’s blank up there. But I’ve spent too much time there that it got boring. So, I decided to revisit the beginning which would pass for the past, and what I saw scared me, in a good way though.

As usual, a pause while I do the due greetings. How are you? If it’s only omooooo that you have to say, then trust me that I totally get it. It’ll feel good to answer me like I’m by your side though, so spill it, I’ll listen. I’m hanging in here, enjoying the peace and quiet that solitude gives. This post is also about to be a dump of a lot of life bits, get ready.

Life bits – I forgot who I was

You’ll agree with me that it’s quite painful when people serve you less than you are worth. Do you know what’s more painful? It is when you forget your worth. It was first my friend, that made a statement after I told her the story of how I was ghosted by a man. She said, a whole you, Opeyemi Omidiji Elizabeth and we all laughed about it. Then it struck me! I forgot who I was so I allowed people to dish me trash, trust me, this is not just man-related.

I was willing to take anything at all as long as I’ll have something. I decided to put aside the fact that I deserved better because I just wanted something. You can relate, right?

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I hope it’s not too late till you are reminded of your worth. Do not take less than you deserve because it’s better than not having anything at all. I’m talking about work, friendships, relationships, and any other thing that crosses your mind.

They saw the potential I had safely kept away

We often hear that a jack of all trades can never be a master of any right? So, I believed and decided to keep my potential away. I mean, it was only reasonable that I focus on one thing at a time. Wondering what the potential is?

I love public speaking and I have a strong thing for TV presenting but I had kept it away because I needed to focus on work. I would even forget to add that I host events and that I do it really well on the red carpet when people ask me about things I love. My colleagues at work reminded me of my potential when I volunteered to MC our company’s anniversary. One even told me to consider hosting events because I do it effortlessly. I would not blame her because she didn’t know. I have so much to say when I write my 100 days at work article by the way.

Then I went to a conference organized by an initiative that I volunteer with. Ogun What’s next, an initiative that seeks to spread political awareness and youth participation in politics, had her inaugural summit in commemoration of International Youth Day. I offered to engage the audience while we wait for the official MC to arrive and I think I did it so well that someone saw the potential that I had safely kept away.

While trying to do what you feel is best for you, you sometimes lose yourself. You justify these things with worded quotes that console you. It looks reasonable to put away your passion while looking for money to fund your passion but what if you never get enough money to fund your passion. I’m not saying do it all, I’m saying don’t keep away your potential because it feels safe to do that.

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Life bits – Not everything is about money

I have someone who would always ask me if I’ll be getting paid every time that I mention that I want to do something for people. We are in a time where they’ll tell us to draw the line and not do free jobs for too long before demanding payment. While this is true, I hope you have the wisdom to discern when you should do things for free.

I say this because I understand people-currency and I understand that volunteering is also a currency. You might not get paid in cash but it might be a network of people pivotal to your journey. It might be an experience that you’ll never have the chance to get even if you work twice as hard on your own.

Don’t get it twisted, you should not volunteer for all things neither should you burden yourself with more than you can handle per time. What’s your goal? How does this thing you are about to volunteer for, tie to your goal? Wisdom is profitable darling.

Time and patience

I would often laugh when people say time will tell but now, I know better. Keep at it even if you are not getting so much traction because time and patience will make the difference for you. It does not look like it right now and we both know how frustrating that can be but hang in there.

That’s enough life bits dumping for a post, I hope you enjoyed reading. Let’s talk about Lagos men in my next post, I have a lot to share. Do well to not only share your opinions with me in the comments but also share this post with your friends. Remember people-currency?

Have a great week ahead

Stay sane, stay safe.

With love,

Opeyemi Omidiji

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  1. It’s funny how I wanted to message you about this not long. I’ve got to discover this too. I can’t really say I have it figured out but maybe soon.

  2. If I knew you write, I would have embraced you a little more tighter.

    I rarely read articles but this thrilled me.
    I can relate perfectly well with Life Bits

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