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Wondering how I spent my 25th birthday? I’m glad to announce to you that corona got nothing on me! Hehehe

You should grab a seat because it’s going to be a long gist.

I won’t be wrong if I say my birthday this year is still the best. The reason is that I celebrated my birthday at home with all the members of my nuclear family present and because you showed me love. Much more because I get to finally launch my blog.

I thought that my birthday would be as quiet as God knows what, but then it was the opposite. Before the lockdown (due to Corona Virus) started, I had planned that I’ll have a birthday dinner with my friends, visit some places and other stuff. I’m sure corona was looking at me like you dunno about it. lol

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Well, tables turned. I don’t know if I should thank corona or not because this lockdown made me enjoy the company of my family members, gave me time to go through people’s wishes and much more the serenity to meditate.



So let’s begin the gist

I usually do not pick calls by 12:00 midnight because I love to do what I call ‘cross over night’ so I’m sorry if you called and I didn’t pick up. It’s a tradition for me, I pray into my new year. Every year I have done this came with remarkable achievements. I’ll suggest you consider it too.  I went to sleep after my prayers.

That’s how the day broke before I could even sleep well. My mum and dad woke me up with ‘birthday girl stand up o’. Definitely not the cutest way to wake up but we move.

It was their own subtle way of telling me to prepare for service (we did family Easter service and it was not different from the normal service, we even took Holy Communion) lol

Surprises started rolling in during service as I got my first monetary gift while in church. Praise God

Service ended and we got back home (the church is beside my house since I live in the vicarage. It was just the family oo. Don’t call NCDC). I knew something was fishy when my elder sister kept on shouting ‘come and take pictures before entering the house’. This was after we had taken enough pictures o. I followed because I could not even complain not knowing something was about to hit me. Oh my god

birthday cake

I turned back and saw a beautiful cake. I was so emosh because I didn’t see it coming. My dad got me a cake and that explains why he kept on locking his study. The cake was already in the house and they didn’t want me to see it.

Don’t buy drinks jare!! My younger sister kept on shouting the previous day when we went to the market. I didn’t even think they could be planning anything since we were not expecting people. It turned out my elder sister already bought drinks, my younger brothers already bought ingredients for prawn crackers and peppered ponmo, my younger sister got me a bag I had been eyeing all this while and my mum already bought ingredients for fried rice. Issa wawu!!

I was stoked! Like how did they do all of this and I didn’t know.

All this happened while all of us were locked down together in that house o. It taught me something, people who love you will go the extra mile to celebrate you.

Fast forward to the rest of the day, I kept on getting messages, calls, Whatsapp status posts, and Instagram comments. What struck me was that, as against the usual ‘happy birthday’, people actually took time out to write things about me and why they love me. E touch me. lol

There was lots of food, music, drinks, and snacks. I enjoyed myself

Let’s get to the wish list part. I know you want to know. Lol

birthday wishlist

Well as you might already guess, not everything on the wish list is fulfilled yet but I got monetary gifts enough to tick some of the things on the list! Ooiinn I know some haters were ready to laugh. Lmao

Guess what? It’s not over until it is over. I know more gifts will still roll in and I think I’ll write wish lists henceforth, it’s sweet.

All in all, I had fun. I enjoyed my day and that’s because you and my other friends showed me love.

Please don’t stop loving and supporting me, I won’t stop being amazing.

If you read up till this point, put your hands on your chest and say ‘I too like gist’. Hehehehe

Thank you for reading this post. I know it’s a long one, hope you enjoyed it.

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With love,

Opeyemi Omidiji

10 Responses

  1. Lolzzz, I too like gist…. Can’t stop smiling while reading through this, please I saw a cake, drop mine in my inbox pls. Lol
    Thumbs up Darling.

  2. Xo happy u had fun!! May more achievements come your way as u reach a silver jubilee. You are blessed my dear. And ur blog is wow!!

  3. I don’t like gist o but then I couldn’t stop as the gist is as sweet as the cake I saw .
    Nice one… Keep it up dear

  4. The part “if you read up to this point……I too like gist” got me. Your birthday story was captivating so I couldn’t stop reading. I’m glad you enjoyed your day with your family. Sometimes the “little things” do matter a lot.

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