Hello March!

It’s 3:32 am and the thought that I should have published this blog post yesterday is keeping me awake. I mean, I can hear my brain screaming Hello March to my face. The consolation is, nobody sent me really, I chose to be a blogger. That said, Happy New Month to you. Asides from the fact that a lot of people close to my heart will be celebrating their birthdays this month, I’m much more excited for the results this month will bring.

I’ve found out that being able to use words to describe your state of mind gives you clarity and helps you to deal with whatever you have going on. So don’t get tired if I keep asking you to describe your state of mind. That said, how has the year been? It’s the third month already and I guess one thing we all can agree on is the fact that this year is pretty fast.

Hello March: Life update from February

If you read my ebook, you’ll already know that in February 2020, I was on my bed singing ‘valentine is coming, where’s your boyfriend, you are sitting at home, lonely”. I hate to admit the fact that I was actually pained last year that I didn’t get gifts, yes you are right to laugh. But this year was different.

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No, I’m still singularly single and I didn’t also receive gifts this year but my state of mind was different. I was genuinely happy for those in love while catching cruise all day about how much of a spec I am but ended up being a spectator on the 14th of February.

hope Opeyemi Omidiji

The other highlight for me in the month of February is the accountability group I created. Though it’s still running, that group has given me a great sense of responsibility. I feel more like a changemaker these days, lol. Let’s not forget that I also created an accountability workbook. This workbook will aid your goal setting, help you take actionable plans and also track your goals.

You need it! Click here to get it.

Lessons from February

I always feel a need to let you know beforehand that sometimes, some lessons don’t have to be super serious and that does not make them any less of a lesson. This is me subtly telling you that I’m about to disappoint you, lol. Here are the top 3 lessons I learned in February:

1. What you need will not come to you in your closet, go out of your comfort zone to find them

I feel like this lesson applies to various parts of our lives. I mean, I would always complain of how I don’t get to meet the fine boys whereas it’s me shooting myself in the leg. I would sit in my room and face my laptop all day and then come on social media to shout God when, lmao.

That fine boy will not see you in your closet. Do you think the pictures you post on Instagram will attract the kind of man you want? Should I go on or should I mind my business?

Even the things you need for your personal growth are outside of your comfort zone. The question is, are you willing to go out to find them?

2. The impact is not in the numbers

I was a victim! We want to make impacts and that’s fine. What is not fine is the standard you have put in front of you as to what impact has to be. You have 500 followers on Instagram and you feel those numbers are too small to receive the daily dose of goodness you have. You’ll rather not put out that idea because you think the 10 people you have access to is too small.

If we are to judge by the simple compliment you gave that your friend that made her smile, then you are a changemaker. If it’s by the words you put out on your WhatsApp status that influences people to make changes, then you are an influencer. As we say hello march, drop the unreasonable standards and start to wrought change. Start from where you are!

3. You have great capacity than you can imagine

This implies that you can do whatever you set your mind to. Why is it that you’ll be able to jump a tall fence in the face of danger but you would swear you can’t do it on a normal day? I’m not sure how this connects but the point is, you need to rid your mind of those limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

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For days, I could not sleep. The idea of creating the accountability workbook was in my head but I didn’t know how to go about it. I didn’t think I could do it but I did it anyway. I had to redo it like 3 times which means it might not be perfect at first but know this. Each trial brings you closer to that feeling of fulfillment you desire.

What is that thing you’ll do this month against all odds? Say it this way: Hello March, I’m coming for…

Hello March: Keep the hope alive

Hello March Opeyemi Omidiji

It’s just the third month so it’s too early to cancel the year. Not that anytime is okay to lose hope but it’s too early to start doubting that the year will be good to you. Truth is, while some people are already crushing goals and getting congratulatory messages, some of us are just there still trying to figure out things.

What if your congratulatory message was scheduled for April and you decided to give up in March? Who then gets to be congratulated? In plain words, it might not look like it right now but it’ll make sense in the end. Keep working at those dreams, keep doing the works behind the scene and soon, your results will make the noise for you.

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Cheers to a fruitful month

With love,

Opeyemi Omidiji

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