Do you know that there are valuable lessons heartbreak can teach you? 

I opened my Twitter app and it was the gist of heartbreak that was flying around. Twitter is the only app that things you least expect will not only trend, but also get people talking and sharing their experiences. I read a lot of heartbreaking stories till I could no longer read. While some were painful so much that I could feel the pain through my phone, some were just weirdly funny. You’ll be surprised at things people can do for love.

Calm down, it’s just lessons I learned from my exes. I didn’t say my ex-boyfriends so come back home. Lol, I’m sure at the sight of the topic, lessons I learned from my ex, your mind immediately went to boyfriends. Well, you are not totally wrong. By exes I mean ex-classmates, roommates, friends (feel free to add boy before the friend if it’ll make you feel better), basically people that used to be part of my life but are no longer here.

Hello there! If you don’t cherish the platonic friendships that you have or you don’t even have any, keep reading.

I hope you are holding up well as Covid-19 lockdown seems to be coming to an end… I am excited there’s a beam of light at the end of the tunnel already. However, I think it is important to write to you on this subject as we prepare to resume our normal life. If you cherish friendships as I do, or maybe you live a solitary lifestyle, either way, this article will improve the way you view platonic relationships henceforth.

Are you a good one too? Ask yourself before you start looking for one.

Hey there. I am excited to write to you again! My Instagram account getting hacked cannot stop our shine. Hehehe

Recently, we’ve all had to stay on social media during this lockdown, maybe longer than we usually do before. You would agree that we have been exposed to different forms of content over time. Standards, rules, and guidelines have been flying around on how different phases of our lives ought to be. Most importantly, a common one that easily gets the attention of youths, I mean, what a perfect relationship ought to be.

Let’s talk about the myths and truths about love!

Until recently I could beat my chest that I knew all love is. Okay, maybe I actually do. But with my new understanding, I’ll say my understanding of what love is, was twisted. I am certain just like me, there is a particular way you feel about a person and you can bet it is nothing but love. Funnily you tell yourself, this is more than just love, this is true love! Lol! Before I burst your bubbles and lead you into a new perspective on love, let me share my friend’s first “love” experience.

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