How I got my first job after graduation is far from usual and that’s why I want to share it with you. Much more than the story, I’ll like you to pick lessons from this event. Call it luck or whatever, all I know is that I made the move.

Here’s the story of how I got my first job

On this fateful day, a flyer was sent to a page that I belonged to, calling for volunteers. As at that time, I was less busy, so volunteering was a thing for me (it’s still a thing for me). It’s always nice to be able to help a just cause and also gain experience while doing so. I opened the picture and I decided to apply to be a volunteer for the event. Since I was so eager to fill the application form, I guess I didn’t fill it well. I didn’t get any feedback, so I reached out to the lady that sent the flyer.

I thought it would be interesting to share with you what a typical day in my life during this lockdown looks like. It’s not like I do something fancy though. Maybe I’m even here to console people who feel like they are not sticking to their usual routine. I’ also far from mine.

You would expect that I have a morning, day, and night routine right! Sorry to disappoint you, we lost a sense of time in my house since this lockdown began. Lmao

My Instagram account got hacked! It happened like a film trick!

I would have said hello there but this is not a sweet story at all.

I’m still here wondering why it had to be me this will happen to. I mean, who did I offend? How many followers do I even have? I’m not even popular on the streets of Instagram. I kept on thinking a whole lot of stuff in my head. I didn’t even want to believe at first until my username changed, my bio was deleted and then the person started deleting my pictures. At that point, I knew that ‘nkan ti se mi’ (something had happened to me). Lol

Wondering how I spent my 25th birthday? I’m glad to announce to you that corona got nothing on me! Hehehe

You should grab a seat because it’s going to be a long gist.

I won’t be wrong if I say my birthday this year is still the best. The reason is that I celebrated my birthday at home with all the members of my nuclear family present and because you showed me love. Much more because I get to finally launch my blog.

Welcome to my blog! I finally launched

My name is Opeyemi Omidiji and I could be a whole lot of things. For your own consumption, I’m a demographer, data analyst, content writer/storyteller, a presenter/event host and a fashion enthusiast. Well I think it is safe to add BLOGGER to my long list since I’m here already.

Who would have thought I’ll be called a blogger one day? After years of procrastination, I’m finally here. I always knew I wanted to blog, I just didn’t trust my guts enough. I would think about it to a fault and conclude that everything is not for everyone. Imagine!!!

I got the push I needed when I attended an event. At that time I was already writing for some people but I wanted more. I wanted something original so I asked the question, what does it take to start a blog? That guy answered and said ‘It takes you’….. I left that event that day with so much adrenaline running through my veins and I decided I was gonna do this. 

I’m here now and I’m so pumped. It’s sure going to be a great time for me and you.

Wondering what this blog will be about? Call me a G.L.A.M Blogger. Basically my blog gives you a free pass into my thoughts as I am willing to share with you everything I know about Growth, Lifestyle and More. (You get the GLAM gist now right?)

Starting this journey with me, you can be sure of growth, it’s a must for you if you stick around. And so we don’t get all serious every time, lifestyle and more will spice things up for us.

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Now I feel like I’m talking (typing..) too much. It is because I’m excited. I’m much more excited because you are here with me. Thank you and welcome to my blog once again.

Let the journey begin!!

With love,

Opeyemi Omidiji  (GLAM Blogger)

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