Opeyemi Omidiji

Game Time: Never Have I Ever Done These 3 Things

never have I ever

Since we love to relax things a bit on Fridays, I thought we should play the never have I ever game here. What do you say? Even if you say no, we are playing the game and you will participate. Yes, it is by force o. So I thought I would come up with something […]

7 Types Of Teachers We All Had In School


If you did not have teachers that fall into any of the following categories, I’m not sure you went to school o, lmao. I mean, my friend and I talked about this at midnight and we legit were shouting ‘me too’ while laughing hard. Thank God it’s Friday, yaaayyyyyyy. I figured you guys love gist […]

Help! I’m Experiencing Creative Block


I’ve gotten the question couple of times asking if I ever experience a creative block. Yes, I do, and it’s not always funny at all. Imagine trying to write but nothing is flowing. Worse still, you are actually writing but its just nonsense. I hate creative blocks. Wondering why I’m ranting to you?

A Painful Experience I’ll Never Forget – Story Time


The painful experience I’m referring to here is my tooth removal experience. I needed to establish this before you feel its another ‘not so good’ news you are about to read. Chill ehn, I figured you might need to take a break and laugh, hence this blog post. May I begin by saying it again […]

Ibadan Micra Drivers Will Make You Lose It – Story Time

Am I  a joke to this Ibadan Micra drivers? Just before I asked this question, I had to double-check with myself. This is the story of an innocent girl and a Micra driver, so brace yourself. It was not funny this day o because I was so embarrassed. I mean, after I’ve dressed up so […]

Do Nigerian Parents Ever Say Sorry? – Story Time


Let’s talk about how difficult it is for Nigerian parents to say sorry. We need to chastise whoever wrote that constitution. This lockdown has caused so many things to happen in many homes especially Nigerian families. If everybody could write their experiences, I’m sure most of us have many things in common. It’s okay for […]

Self-Control: Why I went On A 3 Day Social Media Fast


The need for self-control made me do it. The first time I heard social media fast, it didn’t seem like a thing to me. Just as you might be wondering what this means. I never thought I would have a need for a social media fast. Alas, that day came and I needed to choose […]

5 Reasons Why I Started Blogging


I decided to share with you the reasons why I started blogging because I’ve been asked this question countless times. It’s officially one month since I started blogging. It’s amazing to know that I have clicked on the publish icon 20 times. Wondering what kept me motivated to have written 20 blog posts in a […]

My Funny Secondary School Shenanigans – Story Time


Should I say I was stupid when I was in secondary school or should I say I had the best time of my life. Secondary school was so full of memories that I can’t dare forget. I guess you probably feel the same way. Junior school was not all that fun because of wicked seniors […]

How I Got My First Job After Graduation


How I got my first job after graduation is far from usual and that’s why I want to share it with you. Much more than the story, I’ll like you to pick lessons from this event. Call it luck or whatever, all I know is that I made the move. Here’s the story of how I got my […]

Most Embarrassing Moment In My Life – Story Time


I didn’t think a day would come where I would talk about the most embarrassing moment in my life but here we are. It’s still really fresh in my memory. Ahhh the prayer that ‘God no go shame us’ would have come in handy but they had not started the trend then. On this fateful […]

A Typical Day In My Life – Lockdown Update

a typical day in my life

I thought it would be interesting to share with you what a typical day in my life during this lockdown looks like. It’s not like I do something fancy though. Maybe I’m even here to console people who feel like they are not sticking to their usual routine. I’ also far from mine. You would […]

My Instagram Account Got Hacked – Story Time

my instagram account got hacked

My Instagram account got hacked! It happened like a film trick! I would have said hello there but this is not a sweet story at all. I’m still here wondering why it had to be me this will happen to. I mean, who did I offend? How many followers do I even have? I’m not […]

How I Spent My 25th Birthday – Story Time


Wondering how I spent my 25th birthday? I’m glad to announce to you that corona got nothing on me! Hehehe You should grab a seat because it’s going to be a long gist. I won’t be wrong if I say my birthday this year is still the best. The reason is that I celebrated my […]

It’s My 25th Birthday: 15 lessons I’ve Learnt So Far

25th birthady

It’s my 25th birthday! Yaaayyyy!! I’m literally dancing as I type this because my heart is so full of joy. What exactly is so exciting about being 25, you’ll ask? I actually might not know. All I know is that my own experience is different from every other 25 years old out there and mine […]

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