Let’s learn the subtle art of not giving a fuck together!

Hello! It is always exciting to write to you. By now you are aware of how passionate I am about growth. While I constantly make an effort to get better each day, I am spurred to ensure you are doing your best per time too. By the way, did you notice there was no blog post yesterday? Too late to ask me why lol

Today, I am writing to you on personal growth and development but not in the usual way. This time I’ll be sharing with you lessons I learned from Mark Manson’s “The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck”

Just like the subtitle of the book, I am writing from a counter-intuitive point of view on how we can live better and happier while developing as individuals. I had a wonderful time reading the book. Especially, the fact that the author stated his points in no subtle way. To me he was crude, but he drove his point home.



Mark was very detailed in the book. He addresses almost every concern I had at the period I read the book. If you have followed up on my posts you must have read that worrying too much is a thing for me. Check here. I worry myself so hard on different life challenges. My energies and efforts are often channeled wrongly around these challenges.

The book, ‘The Subtle Art Of Not Giving a Fuck’ smartly points readers to the fact that finding what is important and meaningful and channeling our energies into those things is the most productive endeavor one can embark on per time. Here are a few lessons I picked from the book:

A new perspective on what good life really is

While I read the book, I gradually had a change of mind on what I considered the secret to a good life. Initially, living a good life for me will include having a nice job, a nice wardrobe, cars, etc. Yes, all of these still matters to me and I am certain they will bring me so much joy. But I discovered while reading the book that the desire for all of these things simply reminds me of the fact that I don’t have them and reminds me of my inadequacies. I realized I have been giving a f*ck about not being good enough instead of accepting what it is and find the solution to it.

Choosing the right thing to give a f*ck about. The insights from the book made me realize that accepting what I consider a negative experience is indeed a positive experience. How do I really move on from feeling inadequate because I do not have some things I desire? No other way but to first accept the fact that I do not have them. I realize there is no true happiness in denying my true life experience and reality. It was time to stop giving a f*ck about pains on the path to success. I realized I have to take action instead!

I had a change of mind on life challenges

You know before reading this book, I beat myself so hard on why I have to face a lot of challenges or why I have to face any! Can’t life be without stress at all? The book made me realize that I was giving a f*ck about the wrong thing again. I learned that I should rather find a good problem (I honestly didn’t know there could be anything like a good problem). Good problems are simply problems you enjoy having. They bring one closer to those deep desires. I was reminded of the fact that problems will be constant in life. Why then should I pick the ones that will serve no purpose in the end?. I learned to pick the problems I enjoy because true happiness comes from solving these forms of problems.

Beating myself too hard was way too unnecessary

You know there are days I wake up with low vibes and uninterested about anything. I mean I wake up feeling sad about nothing and for no reason. Mark pointed out the danger in comparison. I what to be exceptional in many things. I discovered that we all can’t really be exceptional in many things. No matter how many things we are exceptional at, we will be average and below average in many more things.

I am going to die anyway

Looks quite blunt but it is the truth. Death is the common denominator for all of us. Here, I realized the book isn’t teaching me to be indifferent about life but to take action. If I choose to see life as worthless and decide that no point in doing anything meaningful, what do I lose if I chose to go all out and give the f*ck about the right things instead? Why don’t I give a f*ck about the things that truly matter. Because I will still die either way!

I remember how I had different feelings sprouting in me as I flipped the pages of the book. At some point, I was surprised, angry, amused, other times sad to tears. Yeah, Mark was that blunt and sincere.

For me, finding what truly matters and disregarding everything else is the major lesson in the book. It is important that we embrace those deep fears and insecurities instead of avoiding them. This way, we are a step closer to finding the true happiness we seek. For this reason, I’ll give the book ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck’ a rating of 4 out of 5.

Have you also read this book? Share with me the lesson you learned. If you’ll also like to read this book, kindly let me know in the comment section. I’ll be glad to share with you.

With love,

Omidiji Opeyemi.


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  1. “Finding what truly matters and disregarding everything else”… This really got into me… Thanks so much.

  2. Hyceprincess Reply

    Amazing writeup!!! Where can I get the book? I need to read it too! Thanks dear

  3. This is a good preview
    I actually enjoyed it
    The fact that I’ve not finished reading the book and I could actually understand fully what the book is about from your blog post is overwhelming
    Good one dear

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