Are you doing the things you do for the right reasons? This question is one that you should always ask yourself. I mean, you have to always check in with yourself to make sure you are still on track. With different thoughts flying around these days, it is very easy to get distracted. There are so many things you want to try your hands on because people are doing them. It first comes from a place of motivation. Oh if this person can do this, I should be able to do it also. Yea, highly motivated! Morale, very high!

But then if it’s not your path, it’s not your business, it’s not your thing. You are just doing it because somebody is doing it. I’m sure you might not be able to go far because you’ll just be frustrated. You started it because somebody is doing it, not because it’s your thing. Except you develop a passion for it along the way tho, which is rare.

Let me share my story with you

There’s a friend of mine that low key motivates me to do stuff. We are on different career paths but we have some things in common like reading. So we were at an event and he shared how he read over 100 books in a year. I’m sure you are also wowed. I mean, I love reading books, I’m a fast reader and I pick lessons from every book I read but what? 100 books? A year? I was wowed and motivated at the same time. At that time I told myself, if he can do it, I can also do it. Lol who sent me?

I left the event fired up. You know that feeling when you just listened to a motivational speech. It was something like that. I got home, wrote a list of books I’ve been meaning to read, they didn’t even count up to 30. As if there was a prize for it, I went on Google and started looking for books just so it could amount to 50 at least o. Lmao. Thinking about it now, I can’t help but laugh at myself. You already can guess how it ended. I started but it was frustrating because my reason was not true.

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I would normally read because I wanted to learn new things, for personal growth and development, to satisfy my curiosity and stuff but that was not it anymore. Just because I wanted to meet up, I started reading a lot of books. I would read and not be able to pick out lessons but it had added to the number of books I have read. Who was I deceiving? It was a good thing at that instance because I was motivated to do more, but I channeled that motivation into the wrong thing.

Do you know why you should do things for the right reasons?

Doing the right things for the right reason improves the quality of your life greatly. It would have been sweet if there was no unnecessary pressure on me to read 100 books. My friend is there living his life and I’m here burdening myself and going through stress. You should do things for the right reasons if you want a good life. Much more to:

1. Avoid unnecessary pressure

Truth is there’s this heavy heart you have when you are under pressure. You can’t seem to process thoughts, pay attention to details, neither can you produce quality results. Nobody deserves to go through this. You want to prove a point so badly that you’ll deprive yourself of things you need. I would have just invested the time to do other things than reading books that I didn’t want to read.

2. Have a true sense of fulfillment

Do you know that if I had managed to read 100 books, I would have successfully lived someone else’s dream? Where then is the sense of fulfillment? It is okay to be motivated by other people’s stories and strive to do more. You just have to make sure that you are not doing it to prove a point or compete with anybody. Do it because you need to, do it because it helps you get better at your craft and ultimately bring you closer to your goals. That’s some sense of fulfillment right there.

How can you judge if you are doing things for the right reason?

Ask yourself the following questions

  • What are the things I’m doing?
  • Why am I doing these things?
  • For how long do I intend to do these things?
  • What is in it for me?

Try to answer these questions honestly and from what you have read, judge yourself. If you are doing it because others are doing it, retrace your step. If it’s not a means to an end (your goal), you should probably pass. Invest your time in things that truly support your passion and goals. Everybody deserves to have a true sense of fulfillment and reach their goals. Begin to do things for the right reasons.

Would you like to share some of your experiences? I’ll be waiting in the comment section to also learn from you. Do well to like this post and also share. You don’t want to be selfish. Lol

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With love,

Opeyemi Omidiji

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  1. Nice one dear. Lol,I just had to laugh first remembering what I’ve been telling myself since yesterday when I remembered an event that will take place in my family by 2022, then I started telling myself that I must get married before then in order to show off my husband to my extended family 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Boyfriend I no get,but I’m here planning, but later on I told myself is it about that or finding Happiness and peace of mind in it.

  2. Fortunate Oarhe Reply

    Sometimes the pressure can be overwhelming, It’s important to remember life is not a competition. Thank you

  3. Emmanuel Faith Reply

    I am always quick to dispel the idea that everyone must do what I am doing. It is important to know what works best for us.

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