I thought it would be interesting to share with you what a typical day in my life during this lockdown looks like. It’s not like I do something fancy though. Maybe I’m even here to console people who feel like they are not sticking to their usual routine. I’ also far from mine.

You would expect that I have a morning, day, and night routine right! Sorry to disappoint you, we lost a sense of time in my house since this lockdown began. Lmao

a typical day in my life

I sleep very late but still wake up as early as possible. Most times earlier than every other person in my house. Wondering what keeps me up? Nah, it’s not boy or Instagram.  Most times I have to prepare the blog post that’ll be going up the next day, decide on what posts will go on Instagram, and write a to-do list for the next day.

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We all wake up early actually but nobody wants to stand up first until dad rings the bell for morning prayer. Just so you know, that bell is so annoying; I now hear the bell even when it is not ringing. Crazy right? Did you know that my dad takes forever when he leads morning prayer? Only a child in my house can explain what it feels like. Sigh So in order not to let daddy do it, we the children always struggle to lead, we sometimes come together in order to agree on who will lead among us. I think he found out why we always want to do it though. Hehehe

Well, the earliest time we start our morning devotion is 10am (I often do mine before then). It spans into noon most times so you know. You guessed right, yeah daddy is always in charge those days. I always stand up before the morning prayer but I don’t leave my room, same as my siblings. It’s always as if there’s a competition whereby we wait for the first person to come out because once someone is out the others will follow. If I had not scheduled my posts, I’ll have to stand up to publish and make publicity about my new blog post on my social media platforms. I always finish just in time for the morning devotion, it is always as if they are working with my time. lol.

a typical day in my life

After the morning devotion begins the struggle of what to eat. My mum goes, Opeyemi you are the eldest at home for now so you should be able to decide what we’ll eat. After many back and forth, usually from my sister because she’s so picky with food (I don’t think I know any person as picky as she is, I don’t know if you can relate)we then decide what to eat. The time is already past 1 by then. Ikr! My dad likes it though, it helps us to manage the food in the house. Lol…  He feels we are consuming too much of his food. In order news, I eat my supposed breakfast around 1:30/2:00.

After breakfast/lunch, I come right back upstairs to sit with my laptop/phone after all the shouting from m sister and brothers to stay downstairs with them. You might be asking what for, don’t mind them it is usually to watch African magic Yoruba and nickelodeon which is now their new hobby. Most times I sit with my laptop all day working until it is time for dinner. Let me mention that my mum and sister afford me time to work, they don’t disturb me to cook dinner. Nice right, the only time I hear my name is when the food is ready. I know, they are the best!

The question now is, what do I do from after lunch till dinner time?

And any other thing that comes in between…

Let me not forget to mention that I’ve been listening to a lot of music during this period too. A typical day in my life without music is maybe not a good day. There’s this soothing effect music gives me whenever I get anxious or my head gets blocked. Let me share some of the songs on my playlist with you.

intentional living

Truth is I was part of those people that wanted to be intentional about learning something during this lockdown. Do you want to know how that is going? Not going well. It’s been difficult keeping up with my to-do list talk more about taking online courses. I want you to know that it is okay if you’ve not been able to do those things you thought you will do. There’s still time, don’t rush slow touch (Bop Daddy vibes)Lol

I hope you enjoyed my unsolicited gist! Now that I shared what a typical day in my life looks like, how is yours during this lockdown?  Do you share the same routine as mine? Share with me in the comment section. Do well to like, share, and also subscribe to my newsletter.

With love,

Opeyemi Omidiji

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22 Responses

  1. Morning devotion extending till afternoon? That’s huge! Well, we are early risers in my house too, and the who to get up first has always been a competition since the lockdown. Trust me, I do the honours of getting up last (after doing few things online). The question of who to cook doesn’t exist in my house, it has always been me (only girl) and my brothers are my hypemen, they “check up on me” while cooking (I later found out it was only to remind me of their hunger pangs so that I’ll hurry up. We don’t usually finish breakfast before they start discussing lunch, I’m always like “arrgh, kukuma kill me.” I cook so much but I get to eat just little, I still get to skip meals, it’s like it’s lions I’m feeding here. The only thing they respect in my house is sleeping, so I have to pretend to be sleeping during the day so as to be able to read, write or chat. I’ve not been able to watch many movies, no time.
    This is getting long already, let me rest my case.

  2. Thank you for sharing Ope. Well, mine isn’t like yours because I stopped living with my parents immediately I left Uni, you’re thinking 🤔 ‘Owh her parents must be liberal’ to allow such ba😂 they ain’t kan kan(well my Dad is but my mother, lailai) but as the only female child, I had to violently break through my freedom… and you know that means being responsible for yourself…
    Fast forward to lockdown episode, I still go to work because I work with The Lagosstate Coronavirus Helpline as Team lead case manager so when you call, there’s 65% probability you’ll be talking to me😂. So I still have my daily work routine but then it’s on shift & I have my off days.
    But one annoying thing is, I cook everyday now😭😭 but then I think I’m a very great cook, I’m just too lazy 😏.
    Then, this lockdown has taught me one thing, There are a lot of things we can actually do without.’
    I pray we all go back living our normal lives

  3. Lol..A typical lockdown story,Nice one.Everyone has his/her own share of this lockdown too…what annoys me most in this stay home of a thing is how I turned errand boy/house help in this house just because I’m the last born/only male child,can be frustrating at times……only a few can relate.

  4. Being the oldest and only female home is no joke… Lol
    I really love the pictures on this blog post tho

  5. lol… I can so relate with this post. I’m the first daughter and and like your dad, o lord. Morning and evening 😅. Just know family prayer morning and evening may take like 3-4 hours of your already busy day.
    Unlike you though, my siblings are guys, so I usually have to cook morning, an afternoon snack (which mum mum can decide she wants to eat cake or buns or puffpuff) etc and then dinner. I have to cook all three. 😂
    It’s been a good time though. Thanks for sharing Opeyemi.

  6. Lol😂😂😂
    I can actually relate with this post
    It’s almost the same in my house just the devotion part
    The difficulty in making decisions on what to eat
    Like I’m practically tired of Nigerian food and if u say u want to spice it up by cooking noodles and egg or something very light, it’s not in my house.
    With the way my brothers eat, we will end up cooking 1 carton
    And the one who stays inside the room all day is my elder sister. She is always pressing her phone and her system. It can be annoying sometimes sha as my mum automatically transfers all the kitchen work to me since I’m the second girl in the house. I can go on and on.

    Nice write up though. I love it!

  7. Helping everyone in the house is really frustrating. I have a saloon in another city but went home for this lockdown. Helping baby sis to make clothes because she is preparing for waec, help mum make hair in her saloon and even to clean every neat areas in the house

  8. Wow…. I’m even speechless right now, I don’t know you are a very good writer.. You know I’m not the talking type, if not I’ll share mine too… Lol.

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