The long-awaited Christmas gift ideas for him list is here.

Christmas is here again and if we ask 10 men if they are expecting gifts this season, I’m sure 8 out of 10 would say no. That’s why so many people are eager to read this post. I mean, God knows who started the rule that guys do not deserve, need or want gifts. Worse still, when some ladies now even broke free from the ‘don’t give guys gifts’ rule, we’ve not been able to do it rightly. From gifting singlets to boxers, cufflinks to ties, and some ‘not too nice’ gifts, it just does not seem easy for us to find that perfect gift.

Worry no more though, I got you. This post is speaking the mind of the guys while also rescuing the ladies who genuinely want to give gifts but are clueless. While some things off this list could be termed basic or common, one thing makes the difference. Just as one of my readers highlighted in my previous post, note that there is more to gifting a loved one a common gift. When you are conscious of the recipient’s personality and every other thing attached, the gift becomes worthy no matter how small.

Good thing is, everything on this list would be loved by if not all, most men and they are quite affordable.

Here are 9 Creative Christmas Gift Ideas For Him

12 days of christmas gift ideas for him

1. A pair of glasses

First on my Christmas gift ideas for him list will be a pair of glasses. Whether tinted lens or clear lens, most men would love to get a pair of glasses as a gift this Christmas. From my findings, most men tend to prefer not so big and clear lens though. The extra mile you then have to go here is to find out if there are particular brands this person wants, what type of frame, what lens shape, what size, and what color.

You definitely should not forget to send this pair of glasses with a fancy case. Win more points by accompanying your gift with a cute heartfelt note.

2. A pair of shoes

Since I was born and now that I am getting old, I have never seen a man who does not love shoes, lol. Even though most men might not buy as many shoes as women, they love shoes and will find them thoughtful if they are gifted shoes.

While some love sneakers more, some prefer brogues, Chelsea boots, trainers, while some prefer loafers. Good thing is that most of these shoes are worn with some particular type of outfits and styles and that’s a hint for you. Go the extra mile to find out what outfit he loves to rock. If he wears more jeans and t-shirts, then he should love sneakers. If he wears more traditional wears, he should love loafers. There are lots of shoes out there, take the pain to find which would be greatly loved so that your gift will hit home.

Wondering what type of shoe to get for your man? Here are 13 Type Of Men’s Shoes You’ll Ever Need

3. Wristwatches

You’ll agree with me that most men feel incomplete without their wristwatches. This list of Christmas gift ideas for him would be incomplete if we don’t have wristwatches on here. I mean, with the continuous rise in the luxury watch industry, the question is, why do men love wristwatches so much.

Let’s not forget that while most men love wristwatches, they do not all like the same type. Here’s where you’ll do the extra work of finding out if he prefers chain wristwatches to leather wristwatches, big faced or small faced wristwatches, what color, and if you can, what brand.

You could accompany the wristwatch box with matching rings. That’ll be a double jackpot for you.

4. Fabrics

You didn’t think this will make the list of Christmas gift ideas for him right? Whether you like it or not, most men are tending towards traditional wears and I find it very stylish hence, this is another one on the list of Christmas gift ideas for him. You’ll agree with me that a lovely male fabric packed in a cute box accompanied with a cute note will warm any heart.

Do the homework though. Go the extra mile to find out if he prefers plain fabrics to patterned or stripe fabrics. Also, be sure to find out the right measurement of fabric that’ll be enough for him to sew that trendy style he loves.

Won’t it be nice to also add matching cufflinks? I thought as much too.

best christmas gift ideas for him

5. T-shirts

Sounds basic but it’s a nice Christmas gift idea and it’ll warm any man’s heart. But let it be known, there are t-shirts and there are t-shirts. Make your gift worth it by getting lovely and quality t-shirts, some brands are not popular, yet affordable and of great quality.

Do the needful by finding the perfect size and t-shirt preference. Would he prefer polos to round necks, or maybe V-necks? Let’s not also forget the choice of colors, remember to pay attention to details. Do not forget to pack them nicely, it’ll win you extra credits.

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6. Wallets or underarm purses

Smooth fine leather, great color, and enough space compartments will make that wallet a worthy Christmas gift for him. Since wallets are one of the few essential accessories for men, the simplest and most basic one out of them would appreciate this gift.

Most men have different color tastes but there are many things to look out for when buying a wallet. Read a few things to look out for when buying a man’s wallet, click here.

Here’s one lovely wallet from amazon I’ll recommend, click here to buy



7. Gamepads

Though I know a few men who do not play games, this list of Christmas gift ideas for him won’t be complete if this is not on the here. There are several games and different types of gamepads and successfully getting the right one for his favorite game would hit home. Good thing is, there are gamepads for phones which means, you can help him play his game on a go, lol.

Here’s one Bluetooth gamepad for phones on amazon, click here to buy

8. A bottle of wine

I don’t know why, but I’ve seen a man blush at the sight of his favorite bottle of wine and it was lovely to watch. Beautifully wrapped with a cute note, you’ll melt a heart if you give this to him as a Christmas gift.

Go the extra mile to find out his favorite wine and do the most by putting a lovely wine opener in the box. Come and thank me later because I’m dead sure you’ll wow him.

See this cute wine opener on Amazon, click here to buy

9. PS5

Just the same way ladies will fry me if bone- straight wig doesn’t make the list of 9 Creative Christmas Gift Ideas For Her, men won’t also be happy with me if ps5 does not make this list of 9 Creative Christmas Gift Ideas For Him.

So if you can, by all means, get him a ps5.

christmas gift ideas for him under $20

There you go, guys! If you noticed, I put so much emphasis on adding heartfelt notes to these gifts. That’s because these men also love to read how you feel about them. Also, do not forget to go the extra mile to get his preference, pay attention to those seemingly little details.

So you man reading this post, which gift would you pick off this list for Christmas? Drop it in the comment section and share the link to this post with her, lol. Are there other Christmas gift ideas you’ll love to be given as a man? Drop them in the comment section.

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