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Looking for Christmas gift ideas for her? You’ve come to the right place.

Christmas is here again guys and it’s the season to put smiles on people’s faces. If you don’t already have plans to get gifts for the special ‘hers’ in your life, then you are wrong. I understand that gift shopping could be hard and overwhelming but the smile you’ll be putting on their faces should be enough motivation. Or have you thought of just picking anything, wrapping and gifting them? No, don’t do it because I got you on the Christmas gift ideas for her.

You have to pay attention to what she wants, what she needs, what she already has but need more, what color, what size, and so much more. The hardest part could be how time flies by but do not worry. I feel your pain but it’s not enough reason to put aside getting Christmas gifts this season. I mean, this year already came with it’s own challenges and a simple yet thoughtful gift will put bright smiles on her face.

Wondering why you should take my advice? My love language is gifts and I know just what women like me want as gifts therefore this blogpost about christmas gift ideas for her. Note that some of these gifts are the usual but what would make the difference is the extra mile you’ll go to find their preferences and gifts that fit their personality.

creative Christmas gift ideas for her

Here are 9 creative Christmas gift ideas for her that I’ll recommend.

1. Bags

First on my christmas gift ideas for her list will be bags. This is me putting myself first actually. If you know me, you’ll know I love bags and not only do I love them, I love to arrange my bags on my bed. Weird right, lol. While some love midi bags, some love mini bags and that’s where you have to do your assignment. It is also important to consider each person’s color preferences. For someone like me who loves black, you could consider buying me bags in dark shades.

For a person who loves pop of colors, you should consider buying bags in bright colors for them. Also, try to find out if there are specific bag brands they’ll love to own. You just earned extra credit if you get them just the right color of bag from the brands they love.

I’ll recommend ImperialDolz bags, check them out here

2. Shoes

As simple as this looks, it’s difficult to buy shoes for ladies this season. Wondering why? That’s because there are several shoe designs out there and while some love the new designs, some do not. Not because these designs are not fine, but because they are common currently.

Some details you need to pay attention to while getting shoes are the shape of the feet, heel inches, sandal or court shoe preference, color preference, design preference (simple or dramatic) and most importantly, do not get the wrong shoe size. Does she prefer sneakers to heels or maybe flat shoes?

It will be beneficial for you if you have an insider that can help you get correct and detailed information. If it’s not a surprise, you can go ahead to get this information by yourself.

3. Jewelries

This is one of the thoughtful christmas gift ideas for her that most people ignore. I mean, it will warm my heart if someone gets me jewelries. Good thing is, there are unlimited options if you are considering buying jewelries. Ranging from earrings to bracelets, wristwatches to necklaces, leg chains to waist beads, nose rings to knuckle rings, your options are limitless.

Do not forget to do your assignment. Does she love big earrings or pin ups? Would she prefer leather wristwatches to chain wristwatches or chain bracelets to cuff bracelets? Would she pick tiny waist beads or big sized waist beads or she’ll rather go for vintage knuckle rings to the new designs?

It’ll go a long way to find out these details just so your gift will meet the need for which it was bought.

Christmas gift ideas for her under $30

4. Dresses

Its every woman’s dream to actually be gifted dresses, believe me. This might not be the easiest gift to get but going the extra mile will make the difference. If you are not too sure of what color, you could go for a black dress. Every lady needs a LBD (little black dress) and I’m not sure it can be too much even if she already has but if you are sure of what color, by all means go for it.

Some other details you need to pay attention to is the perfect length of the dress, size, material preference, simple or dramatic and yes, is there any particular brand she loves. Do not forget to get dresses that fit the season, make sure they are christmasy of course.

I’ll recommend Virtues Clothiers on Instagram for stylish yet affordable dresses, check them out here

5. Perfumes

It’s a thing to smell nice these days and it’ll mean a lot if you got her a nice perfume set. Imagine your name being attached to a particular smell, lovely right. Go the extra mile to find what scent she loves so your gift does not end up being gifted to someone else or not even used at all.

Perfume oils are a thing now and good thing is, you can get lovely and expensive scents at very affordable prices.

I’ll recommend Mellure Fragrance on Instagram, check them out here 

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6. Skin care products

Even though people like me have great skin and might not need extra skin care products, it’s a trend now to use skin care products. Though it could be risky to do this, you don’t want to get the wrong skin care product for her, there are great skin care brands out there that you can trust.

Ranging from body soaps, to body scrubs, to body oils and so much more, you’ll be sending the right message by getting skin care products for her.

I’ll recommend Jojonaturals on Instagram, check them out here

7. Gadgets

Gone are the days when gadgets and tech stuff are for the guys only. Ladies have leveled up so much that if you are not careful, in the midst of guys, a lady could actually operate more gadgets. Why am I telling you this? Other Christmas gift ideas for her are laptops, phones, airpods, cameras, headsets, and a whole lot of other gadgets you can think of.

God help you, she’s now  a content creator or a software engineer, you just hit the right spot. 

8. Money

I would normally not consider money as a gift but I’m sure a lot of ladies won’t be happy with me if it’s not on this list. These days that credit alert can actually cure headaches and put smile on people’s faces, you should consider sending a tangible amount as gift this Christmas. 

Not to do it the usual way, you could go extra mile to get mint notes, package it in an envelope and accompany it with a heartfelt note. This will definitely do the trick.

9. Hair bundles or Wigs

Last on the christmas gift ideas for her list will be hair bundles and wigs. It’ll be unfair to my women if I do not include wigs on this list. I mean, with the bone-straight hair rave, it’ll be a dream come true to be gifted hair bundles or wigs.

Well, lets not forget that you have to find out what her preference is. Would she prefer straight weaves to curly wigs, long or short, single or double drawn? Getting these details will help you get the right gift for her.

I’ll recommend Hairich on Instagram, check them out here

christmas gift ideas for her under $20

That’s it people. The simplest or most basic lady would appreciate any gift off this list so you are safe. Give it the completeness by adding a heartfelt handwritten note to the package and you just won a jackpot, lol.

So my lady, which gift would you pick off this list for Christmas? Drop it in the comment section, your anon might be there reading. Are there other creative Christmas gift ideas you’ll love to be given as a woman? Drop them in the comment section, you never can tell, your anon might be reading this post.

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15 Responses

  1. Nice thinking sis, they are all every woman wish to have but I would say mine is either money, skincare products or gadgets( especially ring light I really need it)

  2. Thanks for highlighting these gifts ideas Opeyemi
    You are highly appreciated.

    Perfumes are my thing, if I’m gifted a perfume you just won my heart. (Winks) Perfume oils does all the wonders these days. I love invictus, good girl, oud etc.
    Any nice classic smelling perfumes would do the magic and bring out the little girl in me.

  3. This is just the LIST!!!
    Thank you Ope. There is more to gifting a loved one a common gift. When you are conscious of the recipient personality and every other things attached, it makes the gift worthy, no matter how small.

  4. Lovely gift list! Lemme do my Christmas “blog window shopping”. Perfumes, gadgets, money, skin care products. I’m smiling already, lol.

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