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If you did not have teachers that fall into any of the following categories, I’m not sure you went to school o, lmao. I mean, my friend and I talked about this at midnight and we legit were shouting ‘me too’ while laughing hard. Thank God it’s Friday, yaaayyyyyyy. I figured you guys love gist and it’s been a while we relived memories, so why not? Get your popcorn and wine, let’s go down the memory lane. Lol

So growing up, I attended two different secondary schools and trust me when I say those two schools had teachers that fit into all categories. I’m sure in your mind you are already thinking of different types of teachers you had. Let’s get right into it (this line is as a result of too many YouTube videos, lol)

1. The beaters

Chai, God. As I type this ehn, two names are at the fore in my head, and I’m sure it’s the same for those who went to my two schools. These are the teachers that every other teacher and the principal calls to come and beat students. I mean how can someone’s forte be beating? Those teachers too will now be feeling like macho whenever they walk around the school. Little did they know that for every time they beat us, we are learning coping mechanisms to dust their beating.

They always walk around with canes because you know, the duty can call at any time. Should we tell them that we are no longer scared of them? Lmao… So tell me you didn’t have this teacher in your school. Even lesson centers had them, lmao.

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2. The blunder shooters

This one weak me o. It’s only God that can forgive me because no blunder could pass me by. These teachers feel like they are making sense while they speak but they didn’t know that they were giving us a headache. It got to a point, I had a notebook for blunders. I would write them down and laugh at those teachers with my friends. Ahh, it’s only God that can forgive me.

Have you noticed also that teachers like this like to talk too much too? I think blunder and long talks come hand in hand. The worse set is those that have aqqzent. Oh my lord. If you went to my schools, be sure we are thinking about the same persons. I did not mention names o

3. The storytellers

I partly like teachers like this but some overdo the storytelling. I now understand the power of storytelling to pass messages but some teachers gave us too much information we didn’t need. You know it’ll even be better if, at the end of the stories, we can connect dots to the topic we were treating? But no. These teachers will tell us the story of their lives and how privileged we are to have them as our teachers, lol.

I’m sure people like you love their classes though. You can’t love gist this much and not have enjoyed their classes.

4. The ones who turn every question to assignments

I personally don’t like teachers like this. just tell us you don’t know the answers to our questions and we won’t be angry. No o, they will want to prove smart and turn it to an assignment. We know your scope o jare. I don’t also like the students that ask these questions. If only they learned how to keep quiet, we would not have had to do some assignments.

5. The teacher who uses one lesson note for many generations

Do you know that if you ask me a question, by my answer you can deduce who taught me because that teacher also taught you the same thing? Who comes to mind? To pass their exams, all you have to do is collect your senior’s note and be lounging in class.

Those teachers will now be wondering why people don’t write notes in their class, eskiss ma, you dunno about it, lmao.

6. Everybody’s favorite

There’s definitely one teacher everybody likes. Funny thing is that it does not mean that these teachers are not disciplined, everyone just loves them for God knows what. I have a couple of them in my head and every time I see them, I literally want to enter the floor while greeting them. Everything they do is appropriate and they genuinely want to see you grow. They won’t tell you the story of how you have been failing from JSS 1.

These guys always have the right words for students, unlike the next set of teachers

7. Everybody’s enemy

These teachers are oftentimes different from the beaters and are always women. These teachers are the ones we never want to meet on the balcony because they will always have something against you. I don’t know why but more than half of the school doesn’t like teachers like this.

It’s the problem is that you didn’t kneel to greet them or socks are not white enough. They will as find something to say and later be wondering why people avoid them. Why won’t we?

Now you are smiling from ear to ear because I just brought back some old-time memories. You are welcome, lol. I’ve exhausted my list of types of teachers but I know there are more. Feel free to drop yours in the comment section. Bring back memories and let us laugh. If you enjoyed reading this post, scroll down to double-tap the love icon.

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With love,

Opeyemi Omidiji

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16 Responses

      1. You are right, as I was reading memories of each category of teachers came in even with their pictures

  1. LMAO, can’t stop laughing….. My maths and further maths teacher, chaii I suffered in secondary sch.

  2. 😀😀. This brings back a lot of memories. I also had teachers whose laughter was just on another level. They are laughing and we’re wondering what exactly is funny but we soon join them to laugh because their laughter just seemed to be contagious or maybe we didn’t want them to feel bad laughing alone. 🤣

  3. Category no 1 are crazy especially the ones that brag about it 😂😂😂. No 5 though don’t care whether their notes are outdated or not. They just fire on year in year out

  4. The one that always turns a question to Assignments and always use another teacher periods and also the one that like joking in the class class room

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