I was on the bus traveling back to Lagos and I could not help but ask myself, are there ways to keep your hope alive? I was tired and frustrated, partly because the bus I took was unnecessarily noisy which reminded me of the fact that I should have boarded a car instead. Another reason is that people think I am rich but I do not even have the money they are talking about. I mean, I took a bus instead of a car because I was on a budget. Yes, there was or should I say there is hope, but it looks like everything is out to just kill the hope.

The country is not supportive of young dreams and not just that, they are out to frustrate us for even trying. You would maybe think I’m always motivated because I show up here trying to motivate you but you are wrong. We share the same struggles and yes, I have had to think of giving up. I had even thought that maybe one day, I will be told I’m a princess of Zamunda kingdom so I could actually give up, lol. But at some point, I always stop to think and that’s what I’ll enjoin you to do as you read this post.

Is this hope worth keeping alive?

Yes, the hope is worth keeping alive. Let that life you desire be a motivation to keep going. In some months or years to come when you look back, what story would you like to tell? See, I know it’s not as easy as I make it sound. Do I have it figured out myself? No, I’ll probably read this post 3 more times after I publish it because the same way you need ways to keep your hope alive, I also need them.

What then am I saying? It’s going to get difficult along the way, maybe frustrating too. You will have one thousand and one reasons to give up and yes, you will be justified. The point here is, you’ll either have to give up on the life you desire, your goals, dreams, and the success story you intend to tell someday or choose to keep the hope alive. Which are you picking?

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If giving up sounds like what you intend to do, then you should stop reading at this point. I mean, you no longer need ways to keep your hope alive. On the contrary, if you’ll against all odds, want to stay true to the course and weather the storm, then keep reading. Bear in mind, we are together in this.

why is hope important

Ways to keep your hope alive

Know this, hope is a very small but powerful word. Without hope, there is actually nothing to look forward to. Hope is like the real essence of our existence, having hope is an act that shows you are human. There are several ways but these ones have worked for me over time and I know they will keep you afloat on the path to claiming the life that you desire. Here are 5 ways to keep your hope alive.

1. Practice gratitude

Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow” – Melody Beattie

During difficult times, it is really easy to focus on the problems and things that are not working. We are so glued to the reasons why we should give up that we forget that there are also things to be grateful for. I mean, if you look back, you’ll agree with me that you are not where you use to be.

Practicing gratitude will not only keep your hope alive but also help you to appreciate the process and your growth.

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2. Keep your WHY in front of you

While on the bus, I was so angry that I began to ask myself questions like, is it even worth it? I mean, I started telling myself that I was wanting too much and since I still have time, maybe I needed to chill. It felt good to tell myself that I am doing better than some people so maybe I could push aside these goals and live a little.

Did I start because I wanted to feel better than some people? I was beginning to lose focus and all I did was remind myself what my WHY is. A lot of excuses will pop up and you’ll have reasons to maybe pause or give up hope. One thing you should never forget is the reason why you chose the path in the first place.

3. Choose your circle wisely

You are as good as your circle, there are no two ways to it. Who are the people you call your friends? What are their values and interests? Do you sound too ambitious when you share your ideas with them? Would they pat you on the back and tell you that you need to take a break from your goals every time you are on the verge of giving up?

You need sharp, talented people who share mutual dreams and goals as friends. It is important that you keep people who believe in your dreams and will support you all the way while keeping you motivated on days when you feel less motivated.

You cannot afford to have friends that don’t see a need for hope talk more about being helpful to keep your hope alive.

4. Invest in your dreams

There are times that the difficulty we are facing in reaching our goals is something that we can fix by ourselves. The question is, would you do the things that need to be done on your own part? How much are you willing to invest in your dreams? It might just be a class you need to pay for to gain more clarity on your goals.

Gaining clarity is one of the ways to keep your hope alive. Getting the right skill and knowledge will leave you empowered.


5. Keep the reward in sight

Hitting that goal, how would you feel? Write it out and stare at it every time the going gets tough. Keep not just your WHY in front of you, also keep the reward in sight. What do you stand to gain? What will life look like when you finally hit that goal?

The way I would scream when I finally buy that car is one drama in my head that I can’t wait to act in real life. What’s your own?

In summary, it’ll be nice to stand on that podium or maybe among your friends to share your success story so please, keep the hope alive.

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Cheers to crushing those goals

With love,

Opeyemi Omidiji

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