I would usually think the coronavirus was not worth my thought because I often get too nervous at the thought of it but here I am, it is exactly 5:23 am as I type this. Much more than the virus itself, I found myself thinking about the reality this period has revealed to our faces. When the lockdown was pronounced due to the increasing numbers of COVID 19 patients in Nigeria, I honestly thought living would be hard and maybe we would not survive. But Look at us adapting and living life.

It is funny that some things were easy to do before they pronounced them as precautionary measures. I didn’t use to touch my face as much as I’ve touched it this past period. Washing my hands was easier before it became something we have to do compulsorily. If it was that when you break the precautionary measures you automatically have the virus, maybe I would have by now. I’m sure you also struggled with the touching of the face part especially.

Now to the 5 things coronavirus made me realize

Like I said earlier, I honestly thought we would not survive or say it was going to be hard to live due to the lockdown but the reverse is the case mhen. Truth is, coronavirus has made me realize that things we hold in very high esteem might not be as high up as we see them. If only I had known earlier. Lol

1. Health care workers are underrated

I have nurses and doctors as friends and my thought was the hardest thing they could face was passing their council exams, graduating from school, getting their licenses, and maybe hustle through shifts in the hospital. Coronavirus made me realize that these people are heroes. If you were the healthcare worker, would you still go to work every day knowing that there’s a great tendency for you to be infected? Abi I’ve not dropped their license ni, lmao. I was that scared actually.

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Maybe when next you want to celebrate that actor, don’t forget to also celebrate the doctors, nurses and other health care workers around you. Anybody that puts his/her life at risk to care for the sick is a what? Issa hero.

2. Material things don’t mean so much

My dad pokes my mum at every given opportunity. He’s always asking how her shoes and clothes are doing since she has not worn them all this while. I opened my wardrobe for asoebis and I thought to myself, who sent me? If I didn’t buy those clothes then, maybe I would not have felt among but to what end? All the clothes are there, nowhere to wear them to. Lets not even start with my shoes.

Over to you now, when was the last time you thought of buying asoebi or maybe a new shoe? That’s because that’s not the priority. Everyone just wants to eat and be safe. No wonder food sellers are the ones making money now. I’m sure by the time things go back to normal, we won’t beat ourselves so hard trying to get material things just because we now know that we can survive without them.

3. Working remotely will still get the work done

Who knew working remotely could be this effective. The fear was that people won’t work because they are in the comfort of their homes but guess what, coronavirus showed us what we can do. The fear of losing their jobs have made people sit tight and work. I always knew to work remotely was for me though, this even made it more glaring. I mean, I have woken every day, written my to-do lists and ticked if not all, the greater part of it every day.

Why then do we have to wake up at 4:00am to wear a suit and tie and leave the house by 5:am because we have to resume by 8:00 am? I’m sure all this will be reviewed once the lockdown is over.

4. Tomorrow is not assured, all we have is now

I was so scared that I thought about many things happening to me. Much more, it thought about the things I’ve wanted to do for the longest time but I haven’t. This made me conclude that all we have is now. Who knew this was going to happen in December 2019? If I had known, I would have done things. While it is okay to make plans for the future, don’t forget to also live in the present because we don’t know what’s coming next.

That cloth that you’ve been keeping for the church, you should have just worn it since.lol… In all, I’m saying that all you do now is all that matters. What I’m not saying is that you should live like there’s no tomorrow. May the holy spirit interpret my true meaning to you.

5. Nigerians have joy

This is in no way cliché. I don’t know how we do it but we do it so well. Hands down, Nigerians have joy. Everything that looks really bad at first has a way of becoming memes at the end. You see that twitter ehn, I don’t know if the people there are special breeds. Anything and everything can turn to a joke on twitter street (you can follow me on Twitter, just click here).

Just when the number of cases was rising, a number of challenges were also rising on TikTok and Triller. Who knew that people had so many talents.lmao

If you ask me if this corona is ending soon, I honestly do not know. I really wish we could call it a day with coronavirus already but if otherwise, I’m sure we will keep surviving one way or the other. While they are yet to totally lift the lockdown, hang in there, please stay safe, and soon, everything’s gonna be alright.

If we have mutual thoughts, please drop a comment and if your thought is different, I’ll like to see things from your angle, please drop your opinion in the comment section too. Also, scroll down to the love icon to like this post if you enjoyed reading. Lastly, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

With love,

Opeyemi Omidiji

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5 Responses

  1. Your post are always on point, and I absolutely agree with your thoughts on what Covid-19 taught us💯

  2. Tbh… everytime u want to go out, I have to call my doctor friend… cos he has the pass to go out, police will never stop him on the road. I learnt a lot this period too… i just had tell myself of Lola, you have just one life,live.

  3. Everything here is true. Mehn.. I really thought we wouldn’t survive. But here we are. Thank God.

  4. This is absolutely on point. The things we unconsciously do with ease (e.g. hand hygiene) became a hassle due to the pandemic. I agree to the 5 important things you elaborated upon.

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