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Money heist is one of the best I’ve seen! It’s almost cliché that I’m reviewing this series but if I don’t, I’ll be disappointing our gang leader (Professor of course). Some people feel the series is overrated but who cares (I don’t care at all, lol). I loved it so much that I watched the season 1-3 in a week. If you know me, you’ll know that it’s a big achievement. My movie starting game is top-notch but you see my finishing game ehn, let’s not talk about it. So for me to have started and finished the series, it was sure worth the watch.

Initially, I would just tell people about the movie and hype it and keep hyping it. I love crime and action movies, really don’t know why. Oh my God, I really love guns and shootings too (don’t come for me please). I intend to start reading about guns and maybe get a gun. IKR!

Why do you see movies?

On this day, I was talking to a friend who sucked at watching movies. He had told me how he had not seen any movie this year, he said he’ll rather read books. In my defense, I love reading books too but then I watch movies, so why should he not. I was quick to recommend Money heist as per everybody had seen it around me except him (that was an exaggeration, my mum and dad don’t even know about it. my siblings met movie spoilers so they didn’t watch). After so much hype, he asked me, what lessons did you learn from the movie? Hehehe (at first I wanted to be like, guy calm down now) but then he was right).

Why do you see movies? Do you watch it because everybody is watching it? Even if you now watch because everybody is watching, do you pick lessons from them? Give this a thought. For every book I read or movie I watch, I try as much as possible to bring out lessons. No matter how ridiculous the lesson is. Lol… Please do the same too.

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Lessons I learned from Money Heist

So I’ll be sharing a few lessons I actually brought out myself and some other lessons I read online about the movie. I was that intentional about it.

1. Leadership

I won’t say the professor is the best leader (maybe because he led a heist, this is my church mind speaking) but there’s a lot to learn from him. Professor carefully selected his teammates that had a common pain which in turn fuelled their passion for the heist. He knew every member of his team so well, their weaknesses and their strengths and he maximized it. Show me a better attribute of a leader.

2. Teamwork

I have imagined myself in that type of gang for as long as I have watched that movie. I mean, these guys knew that everybody is important since each person had a role to play and they played it well. When they needed to come together to work, they did and even in their individuality, they still worked well.  Even when there was internal uproar (that Arturo guy needs to die already), they were strong and formidable.

3. Plan B, C, D

In as much as the plan was strong, they still had backup plans. They understood that happenings might disrupt the plans along the way and they made room for mistakes. They had other plans that could come to play immediately, even though they still trusted their original plan.

4. Don’t break rules

These people put themselves in trouble the moment they started breaking the rules. The rule was no romantic relationship. There’s a way emotions will toil with your judgments but no they didn’t hear. In order not to make decisions that are irrational and biased, please stay focused. Little distractions caused them a lot.

5. Think on the spot


The ability of the gang members and professor to be able to think on the spot is intriguing. When they needed to make decisions to save the day, they did without deviating from their plan. But then, they also thought on the spot while angry. Never make decisions out of anger, it will only make things worse.


If I’ll pick a fav, I’ll definitely pick Nairobi. I mean, who would not love her. She has the ability to gas anybody up in their down moment. She’s energetic, smart, resilient, matured. Most importantly, I love how she talks.  If I’m to pick a pain, I’ll pick Arturo. I’m yet to understand why he’s still alive but then it’s a movie.

All in all, I enjoyed the movie, the script, the plot twist, the soundtrack (which I know offhand), the costume, and the picture quality. If I’m to rate the movie, I’ll give it a 4 out of 5 (because I can, lol)

Have you also seen money heist? What lessons did you learn? Who is your favorite character? Who is your pain? If you are to rate the movie, what would it be? Share all these with me in the comment section. I’ll be there to learn from you.

Are there other movies you’ll recommend? Please share it with me also.

Yea before I forget, today is my dad’s birthday and he means a lot to me. Please wish him a happy birthday on my Instagram page.

With love,

Opeyemi Omidiji              `

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4 Responses

  1. Immediately i saw money heist, i started singing bella ciao ciao ciao in my head…great lessons to learn. Thanks for sharing this miss opeyemi.

  2. Money Heist!!!
    Uzor: The whol season one, dem dey inside the Bank ooo!!.
    Me: Nahh! There’s no way I’m finishing this series.
    That was the conversation between me and my friend before I started watching the series. But then I never experreerit, the way I love the series now.

    Nairobi is cute, but I love Berlin’s excentricity and Leadership Style. I never want to meet a girl like Tokyo. I appreciate the professor. And please somebody please deliver arturo from the spirit of foolishness.

    It’s really a good watch and I disagree with those that said it was overhyped

  3. My favorite is Berlin (I don’t know why). He’s just too charming with a lil bit of crazy. I hate Arturo with an unholy passion! The rating of this series is high up there after prison break.
    Have you watched the witcher? its also nice.

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