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So I wrote the topic as if I got these pieces of advice in a very nice way. Far from it guys. I won’t deceive you, they hit me in a very deep place and the normal me would rebel. You know that feeling when you hear something and it stings you? Or maybe you are talking to someone and he says something that slaps. That’s the feeling right there.

For you, it might be a line in a book while for others it might be a sentence in a movie. Whichever way, you have most likely been in this situation. The good thing is that these words of wisdom always come just in time when we need a change in our lives. Don’t leave me… lol, did you see what I did there (if you didn’t see it then my joke was dry).

Back to the issue, I have come to appreciate the importance of great pieces of advice that come either harshly or subtly but end up changing my life. The good thing is they are evergreen words and they come to play at different phases of my life. They have saved my relationships, shed light in my dark moments, and helped me navigate life.

In my unsolicited opinion, I thought it would be nice to share some of these pieces of advice with you. Who knows, it might just be what you need to hear at this moment. Don’t stop reading, remember we talked about procrastination?

1. You deserve every good thing you wish for

At a point in my life, I was caught between feeling like I was over-ambitious and thinking it was abnormal to think some type of thought. I don’t know what my conviction was, but I just felt some things were beyond my reach and I would be Wasting my time to ever think I would get them.

At the time I got this advice, it was from a person I admired from afar. Our conversation was a coincidence and just as if she knew what I was thinking, she dropped this gem that I’ll forever hold dear to my heart.

Now I’m saying this to you, you deserve every good thing you wish for. You are not over-ambitious for wishing for a better life. Don’t settle, dream big, act on your dreams, and bring to life the very kind of life you wish for.

2. Don’t let people’s attitude towards you determine yours towards them

This piece of advice came at the wrong but good time if you know what I mean. I had already determined to treat some people in my life the way I was being treated. It made sense to do unto others what they did to me and nobody could talk me out of it.

He said it this way: when you are feeling good that you took revenge, what just happened is that they have successfully dragged you to their level and you are just as filthy as they are. Don’t let people’s attitude towards you determine yours towards them. Treat people better.

I was pained when I heard this because it totally made sense to me.  This piece of advice has helped me live a life free of grudges, a peaceful and loving life. Did you need to hear this?

3. Think about why you need to say sorry before saying it

If you were told to say sorry even if you did nothing wrong, what would you do? Exactly the same thing I would have done before. Though I didn’t have a problem saying sorry initially, the difference for me was that I just said sorry to end arguments. Before now, I didn’t think about why I needed to say sorry, neither did I say sorry genuinely. I just wanted the other person to shut up.

I got this advice from an article I read at the time my boyfriend and I had some disagreements. He said to me that telling him the reason why I say sorry makes more sense to him. Apparently it is peculiar to people whose love language is words of affirmation.

This advice helped my relationship and friendships because I settled disagreements in more amicable ways. Do you just say sorry for saying it sake or you mean it when you say it? Think about it

4. Delay is not denial

This came to me from the pages of a book I read at a difficult point in my life. I would look at my friends and wish I had their lives. For no reason, I would hate myself because I was not where they were at that point. I would blame myself for the mistakes I made and those I did not make. I just wanted to have their life so badly and I was in a hurry. If I had known o.

When I read this line, it slapped hard but it slaps harder now because my experience has proven that delay is not denial. One thing I wish I understood then was that the fact that I didn’t have a thing when my friends had it does not mean I would not still have it. it does not also mean that it won’t be worth it when I finally have it.

Yes, they graduated before me, I’m now a graduate fam and I’m living the life I dreamed of while some still don’t have theirs figured out (no shaming).

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With love,

Opeyemi Omidiji

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  1. I can totally relate to all experiences and I really needed to read /see all. For a really long time I was always scared I wanted too much to the point that my dreams began to scare me and in turn I didn’t really put a lot of efforts into them. I have had friends turn strangers and strangers become friends. Thank you Opeyemi

  2. About the saying sorry to end conversations, I do it a lot, cos I hate stress. I’m glad I have more insight about it now.

  3. Thank you Opeyemi… for me personally, i have a book where i do write down everything like a piece of advice or words that motivate me when reading a book or seeing a movie, sometimes it make be from friends or someone conversation, i reflect on it or go back and check later to get my message right…..it’s has been helpful for me. In fact, after this comment am writing down some piece of advice i got from today’s blog👍……Opeyemi thank you so much.

  4. Wow, thanks for this lovely piece, insightful, keep it up dear…. I got the “Dont leave me joke” though. Lol

  5. Nice article sis😘 The part of saying sorry to end conversations was a thing I always did but then I wasn’t always genuine about my apology and it often leads to grudges which at the end of the day may affect our relationship with people in life. Thanks for this darling

  6. Wow. This is meeting me well. I can relate.
    ESP the part of saying sorry just to end an argument. I do it a lot.
    Nice lesson I’m taking away today.

  7. Honestly, we all at some point wished we had someone’s life. It’s just a distraction
    I have learnt to be intentional with my life, accept the bad days and rejoice in the good days
    Thank you Ope 💖

  8. Wow, this met me at the right time ooh, delay is not denial. Also, don’t let people’s attitudes towards you determine yours towards them. That was apt, and I’ve learnt something different today. Thanks babe, keep the good work👍

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