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The days that led to me leaving Nigeria were full of anxiety! Not because I was not sure about my decision to leave the country but because my visa was taking too long to come. Everything about the relocation process to this country was just different and for the first time, I also asked myself the same question everyone asks me when I tell them my country of choice.

Why on earth did I pick Hungary?

Yes, I relocated to Budapest, Hungary

…to pursue my Master’s Degree in Communication and Media Science, and ultimately live my best life. It’s okay if you are also wondering why Hungary but what I’m not sure of is if I’ll be able to make you understand just yet why this country makes sense to me. But here’s a quick back story.

Budapest, Hungary

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Before the Japa fever peaked, I had always had the intention to leave the country. I wanted to leave Nigeria for many reasons but study was top of the list. I had initially considered Canada but from my findings, I thought I’d be bored to a stupor and lose myself. The thought of Canada didn’t quite excite me therefore, it can wait till I have a family. I also considered the UK but the thought of the expenses and how hectic it could be for my family and me, in the long run, ruled that out as an option.

Then I began to wander on the street of YouTube and voila, I found Budapest, Hungary. Or more like, I found a pretty Nigerian lady who has been living in Budapest for 8 years and had many nice things to say about the city. I activated my research mode and began to dig deep into Hungary in general. The deeper I dug, the more I fell in love with Budapest. It didn’t take long before I was sure I wanted to be here and so the journey began.

Why Hungary?

Believe me, if I want a thing, I do not wait for people nor do I seek validation. I had the option of looking for an agent to help with my processes but I did not find one. Not like I really looked for though but then I just thought I could do it myself. If only I knew what was about to hit me. The process of relocating to Hungary is different and it’s far from how different you think it is. I started this process in February and I just got here in October.

The process shook me, tested my faith, and I believe God taught me some lessons that I’ll forever hold on to. I have a lot to say about the whole relocation process, my school and its admission process, visa application, and the almighty wait. I’ll put these things out in bits but know this; since I’ve arrived, it’s been really stressful and cold but I still believe I made the right decision.

I Relocated to Budapest

So, cheers to a whole new experience, the many memories that will be created in this land, and to sharing as much as I can share with you. Feel free to leave your good wishes and questions in the comment section. I’ll reply to all of them.

30 Responses

  1. Oh wow, the long awaited gist😍. I wish you nothing but the best love. May this new journey/phase be easy on you without regrets. I’ve always known you to be a woman of her own decisions. And I trust your guts on this. Go girl👍. I’ll always be at your corner praying and cheering you up. Toast to a new and better life🥂. #Budapest

  2. Wow!!!🤩💃🏻🥰
    This is indeed a great news
    Congratulations darling
    I wish you nothing but the absolute best
    May this new phase pave way to more success
    Jehovah is with you 🙏🏻😍💯

  3. Congratulations baby girl.
    I am so happy for you. Please live your best life, enjoy the great things that is to come on your way. Prosper in your line of career, do exploits and achieve greatness. You are definitely made for the top.

    1. Congratulations dear
      I’m so happy for you.
      Love you all the way from instagram

      And please dear is there any Scholarship idea for this said country?

  4. So happy for you Ope. This obviously is my first time commenting on your blog even though I do follow up. You do made the right choice darling, and it’s ok to go after what you want. I wish you a blissful stay over there. And I pray that the Lord settle and establish you over there. Favor and grace all round iJn..much love❤️

  5. I’m so happy for you! You deserve every good thing
    happening to you and more. May this new path be
    filled with ease and May God continue to direct your

  6. Congratulations dear
    I’m so happy for you.
    Love you all the way from instagram5

    And please dear is there any Scholarship idea for this said country?

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